Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Glove Lust

I have glove lust.

Which I'm now choosing to abbreviate as "glust."

Heaven knows I have plenty of gloves:

(Style Spy's glove drawer. Actually, it's only half a drawer, but I'm working on it.)

I've always had a thing for gloves. I just love the way they look. They're elegant. They're old-world. They're Hepburn-esque. They're a great way to add interest to an outfit, and an accessory most people don't pay all that much attention to. (They are a bit problematic when you consider how much I like to wear big honkin' cocktail rings, but I just slip the ring into my handbag before I put on the gloves. Problem solved.) And besides being great to look at, the excellent thing about gloves is that they're functional. Being the sort of person whose hands are usually cold if the temperature drops below 60 or so, I am a big fan of the glove. And this season is absolute heaven for glove junkies like me, they're showing up everywhere.

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(Burberry Prorsum. Very, very glustworthy.)

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(Miu Miu)

You may also remember me raving about the beauties at some of the couture shows. With all the fantastic short-sleeved and bracelet-sleeved coats happening right now, long gloves certainly make sense.

I can remember being accosted by an irritating young man I knew in college (named Fritz, of all things) and him mocking me because I was wearing leather gloves (bright early-80s blue, if I recall correctly) and he didn't think it was cold enough to justify them. I pointed out to him that he was wearing an entire jacket made of leather (a completely unmerited Perfecto -- oh, he was such a poser!), but the irony of that was lost upon him.

(Those same gloves died an ignominious death when an otherwise much-loved roomate borrowed them to put the snow chains on her tires. Oh, it still hurt a little...)

But I don't have glust for just any gloves, mind you. No, what I'm after right now is patent leather gloves. Like these:

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Those are from Neiman's and especially wonderful because they also come in brown, gray, green and plum. Mmmmm. However, as you can see if you click on them for the link, they are not cheap. $175 is a fair amount of money to spend on a pair of gloves, especially when these are an alternative:

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Okay, of course not, never, nyet, non, no, in no way in any universe I would inhabit are these actually an alternative, but... well, I went for the cheap humor. And I do mean cheap -- these PVC "beauties" will only set you back 20 bucks. (And a large portion of your dignity.)

I also found these at Saks:

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that come in black and this pretty rust-red color. Even spendier at 198 bucks. Ow.

For a shorter version we have these:

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from Armani. A comparative bargain at $108, but I think I really like the long ones better. If you're gonna go, go big, right?

There are also these at Bloomingdale's:

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for $150.

I've been searching and searching the internet for less-expensive alternatives, but no luck so far. So: big sigh. Probably no patent leather gloves for me. My glust shall go unrequited, at least until I unearth a pair at some cooperative outlet store next season. I will still be on the lookout for other fab gloves in longer lengths, like these:

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(Pink!! Pretty!!!)

at lower prices. I have a pair of black leather opera-length gloves, some red 4-buttons and some fuschia shirred 8-buttons, but as a glove junkie, that's just scratching the surface. If you bump into any glove bargains, please let me know.

Glove & kisses,
Style Spy

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Rhiannon said...

I am currently eStalking a pair of beautifully made 26" long seamless black kid gloves that will be big enough for me to crush down around my elbow/forearm. I saw a great pair of plum glazed gloves at Last Call the other day, but I'm not sure if they're still around. I'll keep my eyes out for the black patent.

Anonymous said...

I am *really* loving those Burberry Prorsum gauntlets - I saw them in the local Nordstrom window, paired up with a quilted trench, and they're even more breathtaking in person. But I'm keeping my eyes open for a knockoff ... my credit card bills, alas ...

Princess Poochie said...

How funny! I talked about gloves today too. We must all be dying for Fall.

I want the $750 python Burberry ones.



Icy said...

Oooh glurves, love em. I don't have as many pairs as you do, but I'm on my way. Not as much use for them in Sydney, the weather is only cold enough for 3 months.