Sunday, January 17, 2010


*Manolos In Action

Here are the new Manolos, out for their maiden run this Saturday:

I've had this jacket for ages & ages. It's a double-breasted tux jacket with satin shawl collar from Ann Taylor, of all places. A bit big on me and I've almost gotten rid of it several times over the years, but sometimes it really does the trick. Pretty classic, and wearing extremely well. This is my second bandage skirt -- found it on sale at Nordstrom and snapped it up. I want one in every color and five in black.

Thanks to Miss A for having a birthday so I had an excuse to wear my shoes. And thanks to the Weather Gods for FINALLY clearing things up so I didn't have a reason not to.

Photo: Style Spy

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Lisa said...

Wow! You look fantastic in that outfit. Nice legs hun!

StyleSpy said...

Lisa-- thank you! They hold me up & get me where I'm going, so I'm grateful to have 'em.

Belle de Ville said...

Love the red gams.

All Women Stalker said...

I really like the outfit. Especially the red skirt. It's so sexy.