Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mod Squad

I got so excited looking at this collection.

This is Fall 2010 from Trussardi 1911. Oh, I just LOVE this -- this is exactly the kind of thing I want to be wearing right now.

I'm really thrilling to this sort of late-sixties/early-seventies just a bit mod thing. I want lots of straight sheaths made of heavy ponte knits and graphics and skinny trousers.

Everything slim and neat and smooth, with high-cut armholes and narrow sleeves. Just fantastic.

Yeah, they're leather walking shorts. So??? Nothing wrong with that.

Trussardi 1911, you might have guessed, was founded a century ago as, I believe, a glovemaker. Eventually they branched out into luggage and accessories, and started showing menswear in the 80's. Designer Milan Vukmirovic took over a few years ago and this is his second womens' collection for the label. He's hitting it out of the park, as far as I'm concerned.

Oh, this jacket makes me want to cry. That is SO good.

Suede coatdress with slithery zipper? Yes, please.

I haven't yet run into any of this stuff in person -- apparently it's pretty luxe. The vibe I get from this is European hipster with both money AND taste. (And we all know how infrequently you find those two things in one person, sadly.)

Coat for the ages. Or at least several good years.

I adore houndstooth. It's been having a minor moment the last few seasons, and that makes me really happy.

As does this dress. Oh, my goodness, could I rock that dress.

Inspired by the slightly mod vibe of this stuff, I went forth to the vintage stores to see what I might find to scratch this itch. And?


Truly fantastic little white Alain Manoukian minidress. Neat as a pin, fits me like it was cut for me, absolutely perfect. Worn here with some black leggings and my indefatigable Stuart Weitzman Goliath boots. And the leggings are a must; this thing is most definitely a minidress. If I want to do anything besides stand -- sit, for example, or go up steps, or get in & out of a car, or, um... sneeze -- I need the leggings.

Look at the great seaming on this. (Click the photos to make them bigger.) The scarf, by the way, is another great vintage find I've had for a while.

Isn't that fun? This scarf makes me happy.

The mini & leggings were also really cute with a pair of black patent flats, but by then I was sick of taking pictures of myself.

I have a feeling I'm going to go back to this Trussardi collection for inspiration quite a bit in the months to come. What do you think? Anything there you like?

Photos:, Style Spy

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Belle de Ville said...

The giant houndstooth with the matching bag is just so Mrs. Peel!

StyleSpy said...

Belle -- OMG, you're right! I want to be Emma Peel!!!!

Duchesse said...

Just gorgeous, especially that suede dress. Trussadri is luxury, like Cerutti- and it shows.

Claudia said...

That first coat - OUCH! Delicious!

Deja Pseu said...

Wow, love that's so wearable! Many of those would be flattering on just about anyone.

dissed said...

Love love love love love love love.

Emma Peele? I've said it before. I've ALWAYS wanted to be Mrs. Peele.

All Women Stalker said...

I love the clean lines of the collection. And your dress is a wonderful choice!