Thursday, April 5, 2007

Flutter, Flutter

Small good thing:

Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara. This stuff is Da Bomb. (Are we still saying "Da Bomb"? Someone ask a teenager for me.) It's got one of those newfangled plastic bristle brushes instead of a spoolie, which makes for really nice definition, it doesn't clump. (Although it feels a little weird to apply at first -- slightly prickly.) Plus, it's hearty -- I'm a woman who never leaves the house without at least two or three creams of various sorts on her skin (moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen) and by then end of the day this still isn't smudgy. (I don't wear waterproof mascara because I wear contact lenses.) Look:

(Actual unretouched photo. It's not a great photo, but I'll have you know that getting this was no easy task and I'm very, very sorry you weren't all here to witness the comedy. Note: when attempting to take close-up photo of own eye, disable flash first. Blinkblinkblink.)

Best of all, the stuff isn't pricey. Under 8 bucks for great mascara. I have a tester of a Chanel mascara that goes for about three times that and I don't like it any better than this stuff. Now, I'm funny about what I'll spend money on. I think we'll all agree that I'm capable of spending what some would consider obscene amounts of money on a pair of shoes without batting a (well-mascara'd) eye. In the makeup arena, I'll splash out for foundation, because I think if your skin doesn't look good, nothing does. I'm also a hopeless lip gloss ho - a complete sucker currently for the YSL glosses which are, I'll freely admit, stupidly expensive. (They're just so pretty!!!) But when it comes to stuff like mascara, reason (or just plain stinginess) kicks in. I want to buy it at the drugstore. And this one -- I can! No trip to the mall just to buy mascara; I can pick it up along with my orange juice and toilet paper.

Try it & tell me what you think!

Photos:, Style Spy

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Anonymous said...

What I think is that your eye looks absolutely amazing for your age. Not even a tiny hint of a crinkle!


StyleSpy said...

Oh my goodness, thank you, but it's an undeserved compliment! There are plenty of crinkles, you just can't see them because I didn't use a flash!