Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm disgraceful. I admit it.

I have no willpower. I'm an embarrassment. I should be ashamed of myself. I am!!

All that being said -- lookee what I got!!!

(The smudges on the patent are from clutching it to my heart with my sweaty little hands.)

So. While I freely admit that I am not fit to go among civilized people (and certainly not fit to give them advice -- in the area of spending & finances, especially), I don't care. Because I can just sit at home in my new shoes and the rest of the world can go kiss my big... toe.

It is extremely unwise on my part to be splashing out on new Prada shoes just before I leave for a two-week trip to The Most Expensive City on Earth and The Place Where Window Shopping is Better Than Sex (a.k.a., London & Paris), but these things were the King Hell Shoe Jones of the year for me and they gave me no peace. When I looked at other shoes, I was thinking about them. They seemed to show up in every fashion editorial in every magazine I read for the last four months, taunting me with their wonder. When I got dressed, my mind was putting together outfits that I could wear with them. (This Saturday night they went to dinner along with a black leather a-line skirt, a winter white cashmere t-shirt, and my fierce black Boudicca jacket.

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(This one. I left off the silver Pirates of the Borg eye doodlywhatsis; it seemed overkill for dinner with a friend.)

Now I have to decide if these shoes are going into the suitcase for the trip. They would like very much to come with me, and they'd be a pretty good choice for the black/winter white/fuchsia color story my trip wardrobe is turning into (two weeks, four airports, one train, one suitcase, one fashion-obsessed traveler who gets bored with her clothes very quickly: A LOT of planning goes into this, my friends), and those nice wide heels are a little more sidewalk friendly than stilettos. On the other hand, those are open-toed shoes and it's going to be a lot cooler than it is here, especially at night when I'd be likely to be wearing them. I suppose I could go the toeless knee socks route like Miuccia Prada did when she showed them on the runway

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(And I DO think they lessened the curve of the heel for production, don't you? The runway version seems a bit more extreme. But maybe it's just the angle.)

but honestly, that it so not me. Besides, like those things are going to stay in place when you're walking around in them. Puh-leez... Not to mention they don't exactly solve the popsicle toes problem.

They look good with fishnets, though, huh? Let's look at them again:

::Style Spy does Happy Shoe Dance::

Space is very limited in the suitcase; I usually only allow myself one pair of dressy heels when I travel. Other shoes must be more stomping-around friendly. What do we think? Do they go off on their first European adventure? Or stay at home so I have a reason to come back? Tell me what you think.

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Elizabeth said...

How could you NOT take them?

You pined for them for what—4 months?

If you don't take them, I bet all you'll do when you're abroad is continue to pine for them, and kick yourself with your other dressy heels for not taking them!

Alexandra said...

I don't know whether it would be wise to take them or not...nut I just had to tell you that I envy you so much right now! Those are fantastic!

Karen said...

TAKE 'em! Why not? They make you do the Happy Dance!

And you're not kidding about the sidewalk friendliness, especially in cities where they prefer cobblestones to concrete.

They're beautiful, but I confess I prefer the original Mondo Curvy heel...)

Melissa said...

I vote for taking them--otherwise you'll miss them while you're gone. They are sooo beauuutiful. If you decide to leave them, I'll bet you could get one of your readers to baby-sit them-hehehe

Anonymous said...

Take them! They're utterly, completely nnnngggghhhh!!! Besides, travel will broaden their minds.

elke said...

Take them! They are too hot not to!

Miriam said...

If Anna Wintour wears ribbed tights with open-toed shoes, so can you!

Take 'em.

WinterWheat said...

I completely dig that Prada line of blended-color, camel-to-black (and other-colors-to-black) shoes. And I love the wide fishnets you've paired with them. Slick.

Anonymous said...

I say leave them. Remember the red patents?

njm said...

I love these shoes...I am sick with envy. Do tell where did you find them?

Anonymous said...

They are divine...BUT aren't you worried that your luggage (where the shoes would be) could be lost? I travel quite often internationally and it is about %50 of the time that my luggage doesn't arrive with me (although I most times I get it later that day or the next day)

I personally wouldn't take the chance to lose something I really covet. I'd take a pair that I like but that wouldn't hurt me if got lost...even FIND something fabulous when I'm there!

Anonymous said...
those shoes, you should wear them all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Take them with you - how could you leave them alone? But be aware we're approaching winter quickly over here in Europe, expect temperatures around 0°/ +5° Celsius.
Wear them in the evening, running out of a cab right into a fabulous restaurant/bar/club! And dance the night away!