Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Blech. The weather is... blech.

However. If you DO have to go out into the blech, wearing a pair of bright red patent rainboots (with tassels on the zips!) certainly helps your frame of mind. I heart Cole Haan, as has been well-established here.

Not exactly the same, but close enough:

Cole Haan Women's Air Lizzie Tall Waterproof Boot

(click for link)

Also available in purple! Or, if you're less adventurous in your foul-weather gear, black or gray. Trust me, they'll make it almost bearable.

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Frances said...

But the rain boots are made of win!

Love the bright colour. I've got a darling red winter coat, and a luscious vintage pink faux-fur (from Paris!) and they cheer me up no end in my little hellhole in the North East of England. What passes for sunshine here...

WendyB said...

Those are GREAT boots!

Claudia said...

Wow, I really want those boots. In red. Or purple. Or black. I don't mind.