Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fall Through the Cracks

These are difficult days for the Style Spy.

Oh, I don't mean the increasingly fraught situation in the Middle East, or global warming, or the health care crisis, or the awful events going on in Myanmar, although all of these things (and more) trouble me greatly.

No, it's just that it's fall in central Texas.

Why is that bad? Let me show you.

This is an actual photo of my actual thermometer on my actual back porch on Tuesday, October 2 at about 2:00 p.m.

(That's about 32ºC, for my non-American friends who are playing at home.)

Not exactly sweater weather, eh?

And yet? And yet, it's October. It feels a little ridiculous to be running around in a strappy little sundress. But my friends, I broke a sweat loading the groceries into the back of my car today -- it doesn't exactly make sense to be busting out the suede boots.

So, this is my difficult time of the year. While all my Northern friends are unpacking their cashmere and rediscovering their corduroys and airing out their leather jackets, my Southern sisters & I are trying not to sweat through our clothes on Columbus Day.

Therefore once again, I am surfing the internets and sifting through the retail establishments in an effort to seek out some sort of compromise clothing. Some garments that acknowledge the lateness of the season without bringing about a heat stroke. Long sleeves are still pushing it. Turtlenecks? Sweater dresses? Are you kidding? Merino wool? Oh, now you're just being mean. Kids, I have a brand new crimson velvet Alexander McQueen blazer that is positively weeping to be worn, but until that needle swings about 20º back, it's staying tucked into the big canvas winter clothes bag with all of my other (probably ill-advised) velvet & wool jackets. And these bad boys:

Stuart Weitzman Goliath

Bought these on sale a while ago. As yet unworn. I swear to you, every time I go into the closet where they live, they make kissy noises and wolf whistles and growl "Hey, chica, hey, mamasita, check me out!!" at me like a bunch of ill-mannered construction workers. (It's oddly endearing, though.)

Here's a few things I've found. The pickings are slim, because I'm looking for things that I can hopefully move into actual cooler weather by layering them or changing up accessories. (As usual, click for links.)

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I actually kind of love this blouse and it may find its way into my closet. It's a poly/spandex knit, and I like that it's long enough to be tucked in without my having to constantly mess with it. It goes without saying that I love the Pucci-ness (Pucciosity?) of the pattern. Also, it has short sleeves that are actually sleeves, as opposed to little eggcup-shaped shoulder ornaments that if I can actually get them over my ginormous, too-many-years-in-the-service-industry guns squeeeeeeeeeeze my arms in an exceedingly unflattering and uncomfortable way. When did short sleeved come to mean cap sleeved, I wonder?

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Pretty dress, no? It's silk and it's lined, so it might still be too warm, but the print is really beautiful and would be nice for fall. Plus, if the color is true to the photo, that would be really gorgeous under my as-yet-unexposed McQueen blazer, with some black tights and black suede boots. If one were feeling particularly chilly & layer-y, one could even put a nice lightweight turtleneck underneath it. I would replace the faux leather belt included with a nicer one of my own.

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As we know, I do like a good jersey dress, and the color of this is beautiful. Jersey is pretty seasonless, you can warm it up with boots & a cardi, or wear it as-is. The shape of this is awfully flattering to lots of different figures, and the price is unbeatable. It's a bit long if you're a petite person, but the dress is such a bargain that having it hemmed wouldn't seem unreasonable.

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I actually picked up a couple of these -- $8 t-shirts at Target! And believe me, I've already gotten my money's worth from them. Great layering pieces, and without a doubt the nicest $8 garment I've ever owned. Be warned, these are junior sizes and they run quite small (I bought a large), but the fit is nice & trim and again, long enough so that if they get tucked in, they stay tucked in. The colors aren't showing up quite true on the website -- they're a little darker IRL.

That's all I've got so far. I'll keep scouting, and if anyone stumbles across anything wonderful. please let me know!

Photos: Style Spy, Macys.com, Nordstrom.com, Target.com

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Anonymous said...

Love those items!

Since I live in the Phoenix metro area, I TOTALLY relate. But I've been here so long now that I've adjusted. I know not to fall in love with any more beautiful sweaters. Any sweater, coat, or jacket that I buy is going to last a VERY long time, because it is not going to be worn very often.

Now that it's "only" getting up to 90, I've been in raptures over the lovely "cooler" weather. Isn't that sick?? But it really DOES seem lovely after all the weeks of 110+ degree temps we go through every summer.

suzy/spell me

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your post. Even in KC, it's still too hot to wear anything autumn-y. I have a wedding this weekend, and found a compromise dress. It's strapless and below the knee but in a great espresso color. My biggest concern? I would love to wear a great pair of gloves, but am worried about the heat.

Alexandra said...

Those boots are beautiful!

Boots are actually the only reason I'm looking forward to fall/winter....that and skiing actually. Otherwise, I tend to dislike sweaters, feel claustrophobic in turtlenecks, find layering soo fussy, nice coats too high-maintenance etc. But mmm....boots...mmmm

Anita said...

Well, I'm up here in the North, positively pining away for a crisp fall day. Yet, at my most favorite time and season of the year, OUR temps are in the 80s - unheard of. The AC is still on, for pete's sake. So I feel your pain (and I lived in southeast Texas for more than a decade), because I am dreaming of wool and leather and ambery perfumes, myself.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Aim
I'm right there with ya- I also have a couple of pairs of brand new Weitzman ankle boots that are begging to be worn, but here in central Georgia it's just still too dang hot to wear 'em. Ditto for a beautiful Dennis Basso faux fur leopard print coat I just bought. It's shaved fur, very lightweight, but still too warm for now. Argghh!!! I feel your pain.

WinterWheat said...

Yikes, I live 2 hours south of Chicago and it's supposed to be 90 this weekend. This is as far south as I've ever lived, and as far south as I'm gonna go. *wipes sweat off brow*

I love the fact that, with your keen sense of style, you're not above an $8 shirt from Target -- because neither am I.


LL said...

I live in Austin too and I have had just about enough of summer. Fall, please. Now.