Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lucky Thursday

Good googly-moogly, look what I just found:

Prada 321LS1P9594 (Women's) - Nude/Black Patent Leather

And they are on sale! Pretty darned on sale -- they're 40% off. These are the closed-toe version of
the ones I bought this fall, and these shoes are wonderful, you must believe me. They feel great, and they go with absolutely everything. I found these wonders here

Free Shipping @!

and when you factor in the free shipping, they're a bargain not to be ignored. The sizes are somewhat limited and this shoe is nearly impossible to find these days, so hop to it, people!

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Deja Pseu said...

Very cool, but unfortunately that heel would cripple me. :-(

StyleSpy said...

They are high, but they are surprisingly stable, even given that odd curve. Prada knows how to engineer a shoe.