Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Persistence of Pink

For reasons inexplicable to myself, I am possessed by the idea of pink patent shoes. What's come over me, I don't know. Not that pink patent shoes would be the worst fate to ever befall a gal, certainly, but I really don't know where this sudden craving springs from.

I've heard a lot of people say they "hate" pink. I don't get that. Phooey on you, pink-dissers! To my mind, wearing pink with impunity is one of the great perks of being a girl. Guys still have the whole "masculinity" issue when they wear pink, but we females can don this cheery color whenever we like and no one will think twice. And it is cheery. And fun and often very sexy. I'll grant you that pink done wrong can sometimes be a bit twee or saccharine, but done right it's just great.

Boutique 9 Women's Uandme D'orsay Pump

These are cute. Not exactly what I'm thinking, but still -- cute.


That Stewie Weitzman, he makes the best shoes. Here in the famous Weitzman "Quasar" patent, which I'm crazy about. I also dig the gold heel.


Kinda fantastic, with the combination of textures. I know nothing about this shoe designer, Max Kibardin. Anyone?

Scorah Pattullo Victoria Woven Sandal

A coral-y pink. Very pretty, and that sandal would come in awfully handy because you could wear it dressy or you could wear it for everyday, say with a nice wrap dress to the office. But I think I want a pinker pink.


Oh, my. Perhaps not.


These are remarkable shoesicon. Follow the link to the website so you can look at the zoom photos -- they're pretty amazingly detailed. But I think I want something a little more straightforward.


I'm very taken with these. The pink is a bit muted and not quite so childish, but still soft & very girlie. These win the prize for color, definitely. And at 150 bucks, they may wind up taking the sweepstakes. Really good.


When I saw these my heart began to race and I almost hyperventilated, because that right there is an HG shoe for me. These are a pink, single-strap version of the double-strap mary janes I own in robin's egg blue and black. I adore these shoes beyond reason, I wear them more than I even thought I would when I bought them, and if the day ever comes when I cannot wear them anymore I will mourn like I would for a lost relative. I wish I had bought more of them. Words cannot express the sorrow with which I inform you they are not available in my size. If, by some miracle, you wear an 8.5, do yourself a favor and buy these shoes immediately. You will never be sorry.


See, these appeal to me because they remind me of the Miu Mius, but by the same token I think I would come to resent them for not being the Miu Mius. They're like the rebound guy you date right after you get your heart broken because Guy #2 looks like Guy #1, but eventually it just all falls to pieces. Women are complicated, yes, we are.

Women's shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Amaya - Fuschia patent

Oooh. Now we're talkin'. Those are great -- really perfect shape that will never go out of style. And very reasonable. Although a touch too fuchsia, still.


Inarguable. Now if I could only find a single pair of Loubies that fit me. M. Louboutin makes shoes for some skinny-footed ponies.

Okay, it's not often you hear Style Spy say the words, "too much," but these?

Are too damn much pink. Ouch. Don't look at them too long, you'll get a headache.

Women's shoes: Liz Claiborne Polly - Fuschia

These are also great, and a fantastic price.

These are not patent. But I think I could get over it. And unlike Loubies, Pradas always fit me like they were made for me.

Well, obviously I have some pondering to do. What do y'all think? Let me know if you find any pink patent shoes you think I (or you) can't live without.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Pink, how I love thee. Those Miu Miu shoes are spectacular - but I think I coveted almost every pair you displayed, yes even the over the top ones - too much pink is never enough!

StyleSpy said...

cybill, I like your attitude!

La Belette Rouge said...

I like pink in a conceptual way. I think I have too much pink in my skin. Often, when I wear any pink I end up looking like an older and more tired version of Molly Ringwald in the movie that explores the prettiness of the colour d'jour.
I do like the Maxstudio slings. I will probably get them in black.

Sian said...

Well, as a woman who grabbed the last pair of pink patent peeptoes in the store last weekend, I think I can safely say that it's going to be a trend this summer. Pink patent everywhere...

StyleSpy said...

Will look forward to a report on the shoes, Bellette.

S-- I'm going to walk around all day today saying, "Pink patent peeptoes!" under my breath. Something about that phrase just makes me happy.

Laura V said...

I tried these Nine Wests on the other day:

Love them! I can't wear pink near my face because I'm too pink myself, but on my feet? cute.

StyleSpy said...

Laura -- Oo! Those are great! I don't usually go for slides, but those come up high enough on the foot to do away with the dreaded flipflop sound effect.

Anonymous said...

I saw a pair of pink patent pumps in an ombre (light a toe, dark at heel) that were beautiful at DSW a couple of weeks back. Sadly, they and my feet didn't agree.

Arlene said...

I've been having a hard time getting these out of my mind since I saw them on the Manolo shoeblog the other day:

Plumcake said...

Have you seen these?

Jen said...

OMG, have you seen these?
I don't know the brand, but they look amazing.

carol said...

Jen's link wasn't complete, but if you go to, look for Zoe (pink platform peeptoe in ombre!) or Beth (peeptoe with double crisscross straps). Both on sale. If only I could wear a 4-1/2i heel....

StyleSpy said...

Excellent workk , all. And Plumcake, you know those Pradas are going to haunt. My. Dreams. Oooooooohmygod.

Caroline said...

Pink patent shoes had never even crossed my want-radar until I read your post. But now, five minutes later, I need to have some! For work, you understand - to improve my productivity. Good work, style spy!

Jen said...
J. Renee Masela in what they call a purple lilac tonal...


Anonymous said...

Spy YOU need the suede pr. and will kick your self for not getting them. BUT yellow in patent you do need ! I am the pink hater( well not really it is all about shades of pink) and wearing far too much of it reminds me a lot of a Paris ...Hilton I mean.All right, I do like my pink with black and made by Chanel ,it is in my DNA? Tall redheads are not subjected to the same looks when they are petite and blond wearing pink! Odd since peach is the colour that looks great on me. Sorry you could not get your size in the shoes you really wanted I agreed and would not give up the search...K

Nataleesthot said...

5 minutes ago, the thought of pink patent leather shoes would have made me nauseaus...but now..all I can think of is the Max Kibardin shoes....they are a thing of beauty.

Hestia said...

Love the pink shoes! Here are a pair of pink patent flats:

Hestia said...

And these aren't patent, but I just had to share:

StyleSpy said...

More great shoes!! Hooray!!! Hestia, thanks for the link to flats -- I know I can be neglectful of flat shoes on this blog, but I do love & appreciate a good pair of no-heelers. It's just that the stillettos always look so pretty in the photos...

Lisa said...

I usually just lurk, and i'm not usually a pink shoe person but i fell in absolute love with these:


they're not really copper, but a beautiful pink in person.
also, in a higher heel slingback version

High Heel