Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet My Boyfriend

Go here to read a great article/interview in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine about myboyfriendStefanoPilati, genius designer of YSL.


Doesn't he look like an Italian Renaissance nobleman? ::sigh::

And then check out YSL's newest label, a capsule collection called Edition 24 that features this


perfect, perfect shirtdress with fabulous embroidered detail around the pockets. If it came in a different color I'd be hocking a kidney about now. Edition 24, if memory serves, was designed to be a collection of pieces that will travel well, and there's lots of jersey knits and slightly schlumpy jackets. It's fantastic.

And then go here to buy this star-emblazoned t-shirt,


a great, inexpensive way to get a piece of this spring's YSL collection. The Spring '08 collection wasn't greeted with the same swooning enthusiasm as this past Fall's, but I happened to love it and those stars? Are everywhere. (Including my own feet.) You can also get the tragically chic, oh-so-French dress version of this look,


Whoops! Apparently sold out since yesterday. Did you guys buy 'em up? I hope so!

which I would have already snapped up if I weren't trying to cut back on the LBDs.

Oh, Stefano. I can't wait until we meet and I'm officially your muse. The long, leisurely espresso-drinking sessions in a café on the Blvd. Saint Germain that will turn into long, leisurely wine-drinking sessions in a café on the Blvd. Saint Germain, during which we will discuss at length fashion and love and come up with brilliant ideas on both. SO looking forward to it.


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Anonymous said...

Yum ~ Love the 24/18 black dress you have featured . Wish it came in a few colours also. & look O8 a so handy Camel cashmere coat/sweater I would get tons of wear in it & the violet dress shown like it is or out at night ..yum. Interesting look 11 black rain coat which is a departure in a collection of pret de porte .Very wearable in the whole ~ BUY~ k