Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Backup

Reader Sara alerted me to the fact that the link in last week's post for the Free People Ruffled Jacket wasnt working, so I checked it out. Turns out Piperlime was sold out of them. (I hope it was my readers who got 'em all!) So I did a little research and found a couple more places where you can get it, if you fell hard for this jacket like I did. Click on the photos for links.

Free People - Military Ruffle Jacket (Black) - Apparel

It's still available in black in a couple of places.

Free People Military Ruffle Jacket f549k304

(This is black, it's just a bad photo.)

But, interestingly, I also found it in a lovely deep red color

Free People Military Ruffle Jacket - Burgundy f549k304b

and, even prettier, winter white:

Free People - Military Ruffle Jacket (Ivory) - Apparel

Oh, I love that.

Then I decided to post a few more jackets, just because there are so many great ones out there. All of these strike me as the sort of thing you might like if you like the ruffled one above. Tell me what you think.


This is Dolce & Gabbana. It's fairly spendy, but it is on sale.

This is Givenchy.


It is not on sale. Still -- very cool denim jacket.

This is wonderful:

LOVE! Twill jacket with taffeta collar!! Also -- great price!!

This is from Love Moschino, which is a line the company has launched that's supposed to be more affordable. And the prices do look a little more in line with what I think of as reasonable. (The name "Cheap & Chic" has always pissed me off a bit.) This jacket is available in black, but I love this fuchsia. Delicious little thing.

Also Love Moschino. Another fantastic jacket -- it's a heavy knit. You should click on this link so you can look at the detailing and the back, it's really wonderful.

Betsey Johnson - Show Black Denim Jacket (Black) - Apparel

No ruffles on this one, but it has that quasi-military quality that I like so much. I think this is a great way to do this military trend and still get a jacket that you're going to be able to wear for several seasons -- it's not so extreme that you won't be able to pull it back out next spring without feeling embarrassed about it.

It's the sleeves here, of course. I adore this -- so soft and feminine and yet still with a great shape. I would live in this jacket.

Women's shoes & accessories: Rebecca Taylor Make Me Skinny Jacket - Charcoal

Perfect with a pencil skirt and pumps.

Miu Miu. Very wonderful.

Jil Sander. This makes me a little dizzy...

YSL. This makes me VERY dizzy.

I could easily have spent another hour looking at jackets online, but I had to get to bed. Here's hoping something in this lineup tickles your fancy. Tell me which ones you like best!

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Maravonda said...

Dear God, that jacket is amazing! And the white is incredible! Thanks for your research!

Plumcake said...

Oh that stupid Cheap and Chic thing makes me so angry. Grrr.

Duchesse said...

The Love Moschino is worth it. As of course the Miu Miu,Sander and YSL. The sort of thing you feel fantastic about when you find on sale.

Free People pieces are cheap and to me, when I enlarge the shot, the white looks it. A white jacket has to be better quality fabric to look good and stand up to reasonable wear.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Loving the Givenchy and Miu Miu. Not normally a fan of ruffles... I think very few designers (even the good ones), know how to make a flattering outfit using ruffles, but when used in moderation and in a unique way, they can be pretty fantastic.

Oh, and I agree with you re: the Natasha Poly thing. But then again, considering all these Poly items were created by designers who consider her their muse, I guess it's not that far off (I mean, designers name bags after models, which is even worse). As long as she doesn't 'design' her own fashion line like Moss, Wasson et al....

Sara said...

Thanks so much for following up on this. These blazers are so cool.