Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Battling the Drearies

Oh, lordy, it is wet around here. I mean it has been raining and raining and raining. Here in south-central Texas we don't normally get this much rain at this time of year -- we actually set a record one day last week. Rainrainrain and Style Spy is starting to get a little low in her mind, if you know what I mean. I'm a sunshine girl -- a full-on Leo who wants sunlight & chirping birds and whatnot. The rain is gettin' me dooooooooown. Ya know what might cheer me up, though? This:

It's from L.A.M.B. and I saw it in a magazine a while ago & fell in love. (Again with that leopard-print thing I'm having! I do not know what's come over me!) Sadly, they seem to be sold out of them at Nordstrom's, so I decided to see what else is out there.

Oh, my. Ohmyohmyohmy. Now THAT is what I'm talkin' about. Trouble is, THAT is Dolce & Gabbana and little girls on No Buys cannot have Dolce & Gabbana trench coats. (But if you want one, just click on the link, same as with all these photos.) Not that one, and not this beautiful D& G thing, either:

(Even if it is on sale!) No, someone like myself must pursue a more budget-friendly alternative.

A more muted leopard-print for those who like something a little more subtle.

Dennis Basso for QVC -- an extremely reasonable $58.

More Dennis Basso, even more reasonable at $52.

Nearly perfect from, of course, DVF.

I'm a big fan of coats, as I believe I've mentioned before. I think a fun coat is a great way to add oomph to an outfit. The last couple of years have been really outstanding for lightweight coats & jackets; I don't think we've had a topcoat bonanza like this since the early 60s. I'm an especially big fan of the trench coat, which has a universally-flattering shape to it. (Not to mention the inherent I'm-secretly-a-double-agent coolness of them.) I actually have three trench coats of my own: red, cream, and black patent (PVC, actually). It is one of the great unfortunate ironies of my life that while I adore all things coat-and-jacket, I live in a climate where I only need them 4 days out of the year. Okay, I'm exaggerating there, but let me tell you -- that black PVC number only comes out when it's wet AND chilly -- you talk about a sauna with sleeves! (I guess I could always do the flasher thing and wear just the coat.)

I'm on the lookout for more fabulous animal-print trenches -- if you spot any (get it??) be sure to let me know!


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Rhiannon said...

You know who usually can be trusted for a bit of stab-worthy leopard gorgeousness? Henry at Big Bertha.

StyleSpy said...

R -- Believe it or not, I have yet to get down there! I'm going to make it my mission this weekend.

J. S. said...

The muted leopard print by Charles Gray is my favorite. I like the subtle colors that make you pause for a second to look at it. Also, it's not "in-your-face" like some animal prints can be. This seems like the kind of coat that would go easily with many outfits, yet is different enough to keep you from looking like everyone else. It's long without being too long and the A-line shape makes it fitted enough to show your figure but not so tight that you can't wear it over a bulky outfit. On top of that, the price is really reasonable too. I mean the D&G glazed silk leopard trench is gorgeous, but the Charles Gray is one I could actually buy.

Anonymous said...

Hum Diane Gilman makes a silk leo-leopard trench. Check out ebay.k