Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shopportunity -- June 28

Net-A-Porter is having an enormous sale right now. There is a LOT of good stuff on sale for under $200 there, including these three fantastico DVF dresses:

A truly lovely Philip Lim blouse:

This faboo Norma Kamali top:

(I know, I know, I'm out of control!!!)

This oh-so-pretty and easy to wear Calypso dress:

(Which is a measly 75 bucks, by the way!)

And this cardigan, which I have a pretty serious crush on:

There are also shoes. Adorable Miu Miu flat mary janes:

And some pretty swell Michael Kors espadrilles:

(Those bronze Kors espies are under $50!!! Go get some!!!!)

Some seriously good deals available, go check 'em out.


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Rhiannon said...

You are a very bad person indeed. I managed to resist the dresses (which has NOTHING to do with my accidentally splurge on 3 DVF's two weeks ago) but I cannot fight fifty dollar Kors.

Also: jealous over the M&M happy hour.

Anonymous said...

First two dresses have linked sleeves and are chorusing my name. They're perfect.

r r s said...

Poo. I want the pink Calypso dress. I was irritated at first when Net-a-Porter came up when I tried to go to, but I guess I can handle this.

J. S. said...

Oh, one day I will own a Diane von Furstenberg dress, but sadly, not today. I especially long for the wrap dresses that are based on her vintage prints. Not only have the prints been re-released but also the dresses are knee-length rather than the shorter hem length.