Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shopportunity -- April 16

I found this little skirt yesterday at Harold's.


Now, Harold's, which seems to be found mostly in the southern and midwestern areas of the country, is very much in the Brooks Brothers/Talbots mold of fashion. Their sizing also tends to be along those lines -- pretty true, slightly on the generous side. They are fairly conservative and not what one would call Fashion Forward, but the clothes are good quality and even a hard-core Label Slave like myself must have basics. This skirt is really pretty amazing. It somehow manages to be crazy-useful (Denim! Knee-length!! Kick pleat!! Machine washable!!!) and yet dead sexy at the same time because it fit me so well. (I was wearing fairly high heels -- quelle surprise -- when I tried it on, which also helped.) I'm seriously considering grabbing another one of these while they're on sale and tucking it into the back-up drawer. I can see that this could be one of those items you wear to pieces and then mourn its loss bitterly.

They have quite a bit of merch on sale right now, plus they have this going on:


although I do not know for how long. There's some very nice stuff available, including this little sweetie:


(But please do not wear it with these awful shoes...)

Very nice little white cotton piqué shift dress with the most adorable matching cropped jacket. First of all, I am a complete dope for white piqué -- I don't know if there's some repressed childhood memory involved or what, but I just love the stuff. If it's made of white piqué, I'm probably going to want it. Second, a good clean basic shift dress is a capitol item to have in your closet -- you could even put a little blouse under there for work. And that jacket on its own would be terrific with a pair of jeans and a cute blouse, wouldn't it?

So, go! Shop!!

(Also -- there's been a few additions made to Style Spy's Closet! Go check 'em out!)

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