Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Big Chunk O' Shoe-y Goodness

I'm still on my Big Chunky Shoe kick. This can be completely blamed on the mind-boggling Marni platforms I got a month or so ago and that I am utterly besotted with. Have I shown you those shoes? I think so, but here they are, as a refresher:

Yes, I did wear them with those green tights and yes, they were totally fab. I can't believe how useful I've found these shoes -- it seems like they look great with almost everything. I wore them with a tulle skirt a few weekends ago to toughen it up and it was great. They were, of course, perfect with the teal Dries van Noten dress. I'm also loving them with narrow, ankle-length jeans (although it's just about too hot for jeans here unless you're dashing from one air-conditioned venue to another). They're also good with a pencil skirt -- basically I just love the way the big chunky shoe offsets a narrower silhouette above them.

So I'd like more of the same, but in another color. I do love the black (and the above shoes are actually black, dark brown, and a metallic pewter color all in one, so hey -- super useful!) and if I could only have one pair like this I'd definitely go with the black, but in what universe (excuse me, Shoeniverse) am I limited to one pair? No universe I want to live in, that's for sure.

farylrobin Women's Arial Wedge

These are the current front-runners. I know a lot of folks won't particularly care for these, but if loving this shoe is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Women's shoes: Shoes For Lovely People Victoria - Black

Thes only come in black, more's the pity, 'cause that's a great shoe.

Pink Studio Women's Lynetta

The halter strap on this is a little narrower than I'm really looking for, but I am very drawn to how colorful it is. It comes in a red/orange combo, as well.

Women's shoes: Nine West Sabino - Coral

Lovely coral. Chunky but not intimidating. A great shoe for a floaty summer dress.

Modern Vintage Women's Tony Wedge Sandal

Oooooh, shiny. Style Spy likes shiny. (Also in black or white.)

Women's shoes: Aerosoles French Kiss - Red patent

A good chunky alternative for those who don't dig a sky-high platform. Even better news? These are by -- wait for it -- Aerosoles, and they are crazy on sale.

Women's shoes: Moschino Cheap & Chic Cuore - Black patent

Oh, dear. Chunky gone wrong. These are "Rachel Zoe's Pick." Figures.

Women's shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti E80173 - Cream

Another of Ms. Zoe's picks. Good googly-moogly, that's not a shoe, it's an end table. WHY ON EARTH would anyone listen to this woman on the topic of fashion???

Women's shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Beth - Dark brown sport calf

Dark brown. Not really colorful enough to qualify, but they are fantastic shoes. Love that nice heavy gladiator strap -- still gets the idea across without the platform, in case you don't happen to love platforms.

The search continues. Let me know if you find anything you think I should have a gander at!

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Anonymous said...

I looove the last ones! Beautiful! Still don't know about the red ones (you first choice)... I'm more of a gladiator girl :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the coral patent leather ones!
Karen G.

Poochie said...

Rachel Zoe makes me gag!

I haven't done too much chunky but I've been trying the gladiator-esque strappy -

I'm still easing in to the "tough" and am finding myself drawn more to it as well.


P.S. Style-Spy, I have a pair of unworn Weitzman Fevers in Red Quasar with the gold heel. I'm thinking of selling them. Know any buyers interested who also wear a size 5 (I'll have to check if they're 5s or 5.5s)

Duchesse said...

Coral! Coral! Coral!

Always In Style said...

I hate Rachel Zoe too but that first pick isn't too bad. The second one is a pile of merde for sure.

Anonymous said...

These shoes are hot