Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big PIle of Crunchy Colorful Leaves Not Included

It's fall! Where I live, that means the temperatures aren't climbing above the mid-80s during the day, and are actually dropping down below the 60s at night. I've seen a few people wearing boots around town here in Austin, but it is still pretty warm, so I've let mine stay in their boxes. However, the "chilly" nights are beginning to work on me and I 'm starting to get a boots jones. In more temperate climes, it's genuinely cool, and you've probably already busted out your boots. And since the nice people at sent me an e-mail telling me they were having a sale (take $25 off orders of $125 on select brands), I thought I'd see what they had on offer. Some good stuff -- check it out (click photos for links):

Nine West Women's Blondey Boot

These come in basic black, but also in a couple of really great tortoiseshell-y patent colors. Check 'em out.

Pour La Victoire Women's Malorie Boot

I'm really hankering for some over-the-knee action. I'm seeing some suede versions that are nice, but I do have a (probably unreasonable) prejudice against suede, because I think it shows wear faster than smooth leather. I also think that the over-the-knee boot needs to be a flat or low heel, or else you're getting into streetwalker territory. I like these, therefore, although they're not cheap. They also come in gray, which is still an important color this fall, especially given how well it looks with all those great jewel tones out there.

Diba Women's Julip Boot

Hot dawg!! Now these I can get behind. If the royal blue is too much for you, it comes in some more sedate colors, but remember those jewel tones I was just talking about? At less than $100, these are a great way to play with that. They are not suede, they are fabric, so they'll be easier to take care of, and that strap in the back makes the height adjustable. I'm seriously advocating for these boots.

MIA Women's Gelato Tall Shaft Wedge Boot

Okay. Caveat for this good-looking boot: wear it with something extremely tailored. Pair this with any sort of loosey-goosey, floaty, or (heaven forfend) handkerchief hem kinda thing and POOF! You're in a Stevie Nicks video. But. With a good tailored skirt it adds some lovely texture and interest. Plus -- wedge! We love wedges!

Nine West Women's Blushy Bootie

Classic. This comes in other colors as well, including a black patent that I really have my eye on. Everyone needs a boot like this in her closet, for spiffing up your work trousers or making a pencil skirt a little edgier & more fashion-forward. And from Nine West, a brand I'm always in favor of.

Corso Como Women's Sandra Boots

Another must-have: the riding boot. They never go out of style, they look great with almost everything in your closet, and they're foot-friendly. These are nice because of the two slightly different textures in the leather; it gives them a wee bit of interest. They come in black and chocolate brown. Again, these boots aren't cheap, but you'll wear them for yeeeeeeeears.

Chinese Laundry Women's Top Tall Shaft Boot

I don't have to explain myself here, do I? We all know why I find these nearly irresistible. Plus? Cheap!!

Pink Studio Women's Isadora Boot

You're kidding, right? What are you, eight years old??

Luichiny Women's Hyatt Boot

Love me some reptile. These are actually fabric, so they're a lot less fragile.

Charles by Charles David Women's Saturn Suede Bootie

Ah, the shootie. It is problematic, although when it works it's really fun. I will say this, shootin' ya straight: if you are a person of muscular calves, these are not your best choice. You want an ankle boot that comes up a little higher on the leg. I'm not sure how the geometry works, but a shootie on someone with a wider calf tends to create the illusion of stumpiness. This is terribly ironic, given that if you're a person with wide calves, these boots seem like they'd be a godsend, since they don't have to go over the calf. What can I say? Fashion is a cruel mistress. Given that, if you're going to go with a shootie, ya gotta love one with a leopard-print sole that's going to flash up at the world with every step you take. That's fun.

Ooh! And here's an ankle-height version in patent!

Charles by Charles David Women's Mars Patent Bootie

Nine West Women's Zarajoe Boot

Now here's a suede boot that would give me less heartburn, considering that the parts of the boot that usually get the most wear & tear are smooth. Pretty.

Nine West Women's Ollingher Bootie

Great ankle boot with a lower heel.

Nine West Women's Outdone Boot

Another great basic with a lower heel.

Luichiny Women's Nelly Open Toe Boot

Um, no. Really, what earthly use could you find for this boot? There may come a time when I'm okay with the idea of the open-toed boot, but right now I can't see that time coming. Heaven knows I'm a helpless trendista, but this one I'm not going for.

Luichiny Women's Collin Boot

There's dress boots, and then there's dress boots. These really appeal to me. I love the idea of being able to wear a boot with a dressy outfit that doesn't seem like an afterthought, or a grudging concession to bad weather. I have a couple of nice full tulle skirts that cry out to be worn with these boots and a cozy cashmere t-shirt, along with a fabulous sparkly necklace. What a great holiday outfit that would be.

Luichiny Women's Naughty Tall Boot

See? Streetwalker.

Charles David Women's Clever Bootie

I love 'em. I just love 'em. They're the slighty-obvious but still fantastic choice for all the menswear-inspired stuff out there this fall.

Dolce Vita Women's Gina Boot

Wake up! Hot pink suede!! Maybe not the most practical, but it certainly is fun.

So, go! Shop!!

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Susan B said...

Love those Corso Como riding boots...classic!

Jen said...

Love the tall gray (you showed blue) slouchy boots. Gorgeous!

Thanks also for coming out against the peep-toe shootie. I think those in general are terrible.

materfamilias said...

I'm wearing shooties today, but would never have thought to call them that -- cute!
Absolutely with you on the open-toed boots -- form doesn't always have to be perfectly married to function, but they're so far apart here that the boots border on offensive, really!