Monday, March 15, 2010

What I'm After

I'm suggestible. This is what I've been seeing and this is what I'm now wanting:

This is Celine S/S '10. Phoebe Philo is back in the design saddle, now at Celine, and she's working some serious magic over there. So far, she's shown two full and two mid-season collections. Everything has been extremely streamlined and modern and right up my alley, although I'd love a little more color, of course. People are responding to this more favorably than I expected when I first saw it. I wasn't sure at first if the hubbub was just because everyone was happy to see Phoebe Philo working again (she took several seasons off after her massively successful stint at Chloe to do the full-time mom thing), but the clothes are getting a lot of editorial coverage, so it's not just the cult of personality, I don't think. The clothes are really, really good, and deserve the coverage.

Of course, this collection just sends me -- it's exactly what I want to be wearing now, all neat & tailored and narrow and slick. I am feeling very UNflouncy these days. The thing that's specifically speaking to me is that damned leather t-shirt. I am now officially DYING for a leather t-shirt.

Ridiculously impractical, especially since I live where I do. (It was in the low 80's here yesterday -- we'll have a little chilly here & there over the next couple of weeks, but winter is effectively over for us until... a long time from now.) But I am completely smitten with the way that looks.

Here's a long-sleeved version from The Row, F/W '10. (Great collection, by the way. Say what you will about those Olsen girls, they make pretty terrific clothes.) It's slick, but I prefer the short-sleeved version. I also much prefer that beautiful camel-colored leather to the black -- it looks richer and less predictable.

Of course, I could probably make an exception for something black from Hermés...

Oh, that makes me want to cry a little. I so adore what Gaultier does for this house -- the man is a dab hand with leather. This is F/W '10 and the whole collection is extremely delicious, check it out.

I still prefer the warmer colors, though.

This is Philip Lim S/S '10. I posted about this collection when he showed it. I'm such a huge fan of his -- his clothes are just GOOD.

Besides the leather t-shirt, I could certainly go for one of these

Celine, again. So good.

So far, lots & lots of interweb searching is turning up a whole lotta Not Much, but I'm anticipating that by fall we'll be swimming in leather t-shirts. At least I hope so. Right now, the nearest I'm hitting it is this:

Dallin Chase Paisano Leather Tank

Dear Shopbop... Two words: New. Models.

This actually might be more useful, given the climate here, but I'm much less in love with it. Also, I think that color is actually more of that pinky-beige than full-on caramel, which is what I'm really after. Probably I need to spend the summer steeling myself for the disappointment of not being able to find this elusive, perfect, caramel-colored leather t-shirt of my dreams. Maybe if I save up I can afford the actual Celine one. Probably not. I'm rather fond of my kidneys. And keeping a roof over my head.

The other thing I'm really feeling lately is this silhouette in pants:

These are Philip Lim, too, also from S/S '10. I posted about these before -- I am just loving that pleated, slouchy pant with the pegged bottom. I don't know why, it's very mysterious. But look how wonderful in real life:

COLOR!!! Wonderful, wonderful COLOR!!

Love the sleeveless trench. And the brogues.

This makes me positively FAINT with desire. Oooooooooohh, that's good.

So that's going to be my next mission, I think, the perfect slouchy, pegged pants.

What are you on a mission for these days?

Photos:, Street Style Aesthetic, The Sartorialist, Garance Doré

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Susan B said...

I'm so thrilled with these clean and streamlined silhouettes and the camel/caramel that seems to be in everyone's fall collections. I'm saving up for some wardrobe upgrades in the fall, and while I may not go for leather tops, I love the general trends.

With the pleated, pegged pants, the fabric must be just right...drapey, not too thin, not too stiff. Let us know what you find!

Belle de Ville said...

I'm loving the nice clean lines of the Celine. That collection is very much in spirit of the tradition clothes of Celine from decades ago. The other pieces are just too slouchy for me.