Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Idea/Execution Gap

The idea makes sense, and I understand the inspiration behind it. A woman puts together a nice outfit to go to work every day, but often in the course of said day she needs two types of shoe -- a flat and a heel -- and wouldn't it be cool if you could find shoes you love that had both components. Well, sure, theoretically, I guess. Although not so much if what you end up with is this:

Ruthie Davis Women's Edamame/Sashimi Pump And Ballet Flat Combo

It's not just the colors, which are awful. (And the set comes in a few other color combos, all of which are equally awful, if not worse.) It's not just that they manage to look cheap even on a computer screen, which they do. It's this: usually, when I buy heels, I buy a size 9, sometimes even a 9 1/2, depending on the brand and the shape and other factors. Usually when I buy a flat, I buy an 8 1/2. I think this is true for many of us. Actually, I'd go so far as to say most of us should be more flexible about our shoe sizes and there would be many feet that were happier in their shoes if we were. So. Even if the above shoes weren't some of the butt-ugliest things I've seen in a while, I'd still think this was a bad idea.

Hey. I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

I discovered these because I was poking around on where they have lots of flats & pumps on sale. Personally, I need more high heels like I need a proverbial hole in my curly little head, but a gal can always use good flats. They have a LOT, and a lot of good ones. Click photos for links.
Stuart Weitzman Women's Lolly Flat

These are Cole Haan, one of my favorite brands. They come in narrow AND wide widths and they are on sale.
ras Women's RA31-615FA1G Pointy Toe Flat
All about this color, as you might have guessed.

Pour La Victoire Women's Camille Flat Lace-Up Sandals

I know these are desperately trendy, but I like the looks of them. Plus, they actually have a zipper on the back, so putting them on is not a 45-minute process.

farylrobin Women's Fido Wedge

Again -- not your basic flat and I kinda like 'em. Woman cannot live on ballerina flats alone, ya know. Just because your shoe doesn't have a heel does not mean it should be devoid of personality.

There's lots more on the website, go check 'em out!

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Someone said...

Wow, those blue and pink suckers are really ugly.

Now, I don't wear ballet flats anymore (I'm only 5'1") but I am a sucker for silver shoes so I rather like the pewtery ones you posted. (As it turns out, the last time I wore ballet flats was in high school at the turn of the 1970s/80s...they were silver...)

But yeah, isn't it odd about different sizes for different shoe constructions? I just realized this over the past year while doing some shoe buying online. I am a size 6 but I've discovered that in sandals and slides I'm usually better suited by a 5-1/2. What is up with that?

jill said...

Yeah, they're not great. But it's so funny you said that, I was brainstorming in my head not long ago and mentally designing a similar idea. When all the Acne high platform (what I call bovine - cloven-foot) heels were at their peak - maybe last September @ fashion week - and I was thinking, these are impossible to wear, but if someone made a sweet black ballet pump that you could then attach a platform heel to.. keep the things in your bag and then just velcro them on.. anyway that's not why I came here. I came here to say you are SO a go back girl!

I can't believe you sent me that beautiful scarf!!! That is amazing, Ms. Spy. So kind, generous, unexpected.. I'm so grateful.

It's strange.. I bought something, a camisole and matching cardigan that I've never worn, but thought, even at the time, that it's more you. I don't know where it is in the jumble of my closet, but if I ever find it, I know your return address ; )

I was wondering where you've been... sorry haven't been visiting blogs much lately, so it's wonderful to hear from you again. Sending you a big virtual hug. xo

Jenny said...

So nice to randomly click on your blog and see that you're back! I was missing your posts...

I have noticed that over the years shoe sizes have gotten bigger. I don't think my feet have been shrinking or anything like that, but where I used to wear a 7 1/2 I am now usually a 7 or even sometimes a 6 1/2. Bizarre... I wouldn't think we would need vanity sizing for our shoes!

Nathalia said...

nice sandals! i really love that dirty white one,,it looks so classy.
hope i can have those stuff, i like also the purple one it makes me remember my old purple sandals when i was a kid.

Perfume24 said...

I love sandals or shoes. I am collecting them and displaying them to my room. I love different colors. Hope I can have this kind of stuff.