Friday, May 14, 2010

Perspective Plus

I am informed this morning by that model Alyona Osmanova, who has appeared on some Big Name Runways previously, has been moved to Ford Models' "plus size" division. Here's one of her cards:


Lovely girl. Do please note her measurements. They actually got me pretty stoked -- they're almost exactly the same as mine! Apparently, I have a future as a plus-size model!!! SO!!! EXCITED!!!!

(You didn't seriously expect a photo of me in my underwear, did you?)

Ford Models!! Call me!!! I'm plus-sized!!

In all seriousness, now. Truly, this is not a post about me being not-plus-sized. But the fact is, I am not plus-sized. I typically wear a size 4. Ms. Osmanova's hips & bust are a very little bigger than mine, and she is half a foot taller than I am. Size 10? I don't think so. Also, since when is size 10 a plus size? WTF kind of math are these people using??

If you, like me, read a lot of fashion magazines & fashion blogs, you know there has been an awful lot of yappita-yappita lately about how "plus-size" models are gaining ground in the fashion world, how magazines are being oh-so-very-inclusive and actually showing "curvy" girls in editorials (I'm not EVEN going to get into how much I hate that as a euphemism, my Words-With-No-Meaning Rant ™ requires more alcohol than I'm willing to take in at nine in the a.m. on a Friday), and blah blah freetobeyouandmefishcakes blah.

Do not get me wrong -- I'm all about women other than Stick-Figure Goddesses being photographed in pretty clothes. Hoo and ray. What's killing me is the sickening, self-congratulatory tone of the industry as they pat themselves on their bony backs. Andre Leon Talley actually referred to Crystal Renn's appearance on the Chanel runway last week as "groundbreaking."

Groundbreaking? This?


What a cow, huh? I cannot believe they squeeeeeeeezed her into something from Chanel.

If this is groundbreaking, it's some pretty shallow ground.

Yay for more inclusive. Yay for more-reality-based depictions of women. Yay for more acceptance for all sorts of shapes & sizes & colors & hairstyles & whatnot. But groundbreaking? Let's not get carried away. Do not, as we say in Texas, piss on my boot and tell me it's raining.

You want groundbreaking? Here:

lena horne

That's you some groundbreaking, right there. Thank you, Ms. Horne. You are greatly missed.

Photos:, Style Spy,, AP

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Claudia said...

Oh, wow. Great post. My favourite line:

If this is groundbreaking, it's some pretty shallow ground.


Denise said...

I see you've been reading my mind! I couldn't have said it better myself. I, too, am EXHAUSTED by all the self-congratulatory flapping of the jaws. If this model is plus-sized, then I'm not quite sure what the hell I am. I am no where near the vicinity of these measurements, and guess what? I STILL WEAR CLOTHES!

Sorry, that just took it all out of me. My favorite line: Don't piss on my boots . . .

You are so back, baby.

madame suggia said...

FWIW those measurements on the model's card pretty much correspond to a UK size which I mean, if I were working in a UK design/sample room, we'd be drafting our sample 12's to those measurements.

kelly said...

While the word "plus size" IS ridiculous, I'm just thrilled that models that don't look like skeletons are being hired. Perhaps this will lead the pendulum back toward healthier looking models.

Tommasina said...

I was interested to note that Ms. Renn and I more or less share measurements: I'ms lightyl smaller all 'round, she's an inch taller than I, and my thighs and arms are thinner than hers. And I have the hair - albeit it's white, not black. So, apart from the 20-some year age difference, d' you reckon I could make it as an older plus-size model? Nah. Thought not. I can dream, though...

Susan B said...

Spot on!

dissed said...

I wear size 6, and my measurements are pretty much the same. ???? I'm also 11 inches shorter.

She looks gorgeous. The Chanel model looks even better. I mean, that is a BEAUTIFUL body.

We come in all shapes, all sizes, all colors. We are Women, and we look damned good.

Maddy said...

Interesting post... she does seem really thin for a size 10.


Moe said...

First, "piss on my boot and tell me it's raining" OMG LOL

She's beautiful but she certainly doesn't look plus size, even by fashion/runway standards. I wonder if she's put on some pounds since those shots were done and they just haven't updated her stats/pics yet.

sisty said...

This is not to argue in any way with the points being made her -- that the whole notion of someone who wears a size ten is "plus-sized" -- but I do wanna know one thing.... all of you size 4s and size 6s are getting your 40-inch hips into that size? That model has 40" hips, which I do think corresponds to a size 10 American.

Anonymous said...

You make a great point here. I noticed a few of the followers of my blog are anorexic young girls (they admit it) and I hate to think I perpetuate this with my drawings but I get paid to do as I am told.
Beauty is everywhere and comes in all shapes and colors, but at it's best, is reflected in our deeds.
X David

The Photodiarist said...

Hard to believe that girl is plus sized! What is this freaking world coming to?

WendyB said...

Good luck with your new career ;-)