Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mmmm, Sparkly...

I used to have a friend who would call me "Magpie" because of my very pronounced predilection for all things sparkly. I have to admit, I struggle with my sparkly impulses, to keep them in check and prevent myself from looking like Glinda the Good Witch Shops at Saks (or worse yet, Glinda the Good Witch Shops at Forever 21, which is less likely but way more scary in my case.)

At any rate, I do have a soft spot for the sparkly stuff. This is my latest new sparkly thang:

(No, I'm not nude! Calm down!)

Here's a better photo from the Fragments website

which I probably shouldn't have bothered with because it turns out they're selling it for a goodly chunk less than Neiman Marcus (or Needless Markup, as so many would have it, and they would be right in this instance) where I got mine. Best not to think about that, probably. Moving on...

I really love this necklace, which was a terrible splurge on my part, but it gives me a lot of pleasure when I wear it. This past weekend it went to dinner & drinks resting in the v-neck of a nice, loose creamy off-white cashmere sweater that I love but always worry about wearing because I fear it washes me out. (I'm pretty off-white myself, you see.) The sweater is a little oversized, giving it a slightly casual, "boyfriend sweater" feeling, and the necklace was a nice juxtaposition. Plus, the champagne-colored lucite gave me just a little kick of warmth & color near my face. The necklace also comes in clear:

but my coloring looks nicer with the warm one, I think. In low light it kind of glows, which is a lovely thing to have near one's face, especially for une femme d'un certain age like myself.

The lucite thing seems really to be happening these days, and I think instead of struggling against it we should attempt to make it work for us. There's a lot of fun jewelry out there. Here's a few I found in a similar vein, click on the photos for links.

Wildly fun & affordable little vintage number. This is so adorable.

Very pretty -- just one piece instead of a flurry of them, in case you don't want to make quite such a commitment.

Once again, I've got to give it up for Nine West, doing cool design on a budget. (Although it completely cracks me up that they classify this as "flamboyant yet tasteful." Is that even possible?)

Mixed shapes in clear Lucite, from Intuition. Big fun, little price.

Quelle 80s! Tremendous fun, vintage, also very affordable.

A gorgeous, Victorian take on the idea. Imagine this with your favorite LBD, holding a flute of champagne in your well-manicured hand. Nice, huh?

So there ya go. A few nice ways to make the lucite trend work for you, without resorting to shoe shopping on Planet Poledance. Give it a try.

I'm off tomorrow morning for a week in NYC. I'll try to do a little posting, but it's likely you won't see me until I get back with tales of New York retailing. Have a good week, everyone!

Photos: Style Spy, Fragments, FashionDig, Maddi's Gallery, Nine West, ShopIntuition, RavinStyle

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