Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Lucky Few

The Dodo by Manolo Blahnik, a shoe that as we all know I have a long history with:

So long that my browser still remembers the address, and so today I found out that a few lucky people can get this baby on sale for $201.00, plus tax & delivery. But be warned -- it is a very few: they only have 5.5s in silver, and 8s in black and red. (And this shoe runs quite small, the 8 is more like a 7.5) So this post is probably more a tease as much as anything useful or informative, but I've got my fingers crossed that there's one lucky size 7.5 gal out there who just squealed with delight and whipped out her credit card. Oh, I really hope so.

Believe me, you won't regret it!

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Anonymous said...

Make me weep , will you, they have a 5.5 and I can't wear them. Oh twiffers however I did snag a patent leather,with a insert of red plaid & leather pr. of boots. Broke but happy I ebayed a pr of boots that are gorgeous brown italian leather,Beautifully woven from the sole to the calf then plainalmost to knee. Yes I did buy at ebay them I hope I will not be stoned to death...they were new in bag & box . If one really has time to hunt ebay has some okay things? Or am I stoned?? K

Caroline said...

Oh wow. If only that was about half a size more, that credit card would be out of my purse so fast you'd hear it sizzle. But it is a GOOD THING it isn't to be, because there is no way in the world they are wide enough for my square feet. Now if it had been the miu mius....