Monday, September 17, 2007

Miscellaneous Style Spy Stuff

A reader has written me for information, and I'm throwing it out there for the Collective Fashion Brain to work on. Anyone know what brand/where to find these adorable shoes?

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The're awfully cute, I can see why you want to track them down, Melissa! (I also recommend asking over on the Manolo's Blog.)

Secondly -- Style Spy is headed to Dallas this coming weekend, so if any of my Perfumista readers have commissions, they should let me know. This refers mostly to the delicious & too-exclusive-for-its-own-good Aldehyde 44, which can be purchased solely in person at the Le Labo counter in Dallas. Because Le Labo wants you to prove your love.

Lastly, I recently became aware that Victoria's Secret is selling a reversible bra.

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(Oh, these ads just make me laugh and laugh... My neck gets sore just watching all that head-tossing.)

Ummmm, what??? Is this an item folks have been clamoring for and I didn't know about it? Because, seriously, this escapes me. Never once in my life have I had the sudden, irrepressible urge to run into the bathroom and change my bra in the middle of the day. You know why? Because my bra is UNDER my clothes. No one can SEE it (we devoutly hope). If your bra typically is so visible that you're treating it like an accessory รก la shoes or bracelets -- girlfriend, you need to re-think your fashion strategy. Yes, of course, I like a pretty bra as much as the next double-X chromosome, but why on earth does it need to be reversible? I understand the two-garments-in-one argument, but it's a BRA. And it's all a little too close to the skeevy unshaven college freshman male who just turns his boxers inside-out rather than washing them for me to feel totally comfortable with it. Anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

Shaking my head a VS. that has gota hurt..k

r sorrell said...

I bet Britney Spears has one of those bras... and no matching underpants. Hee hee hee...ew.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that I love that reversible bra in black and leopard print. I love it because I am extemely practical and wouldn't typically buy a fun leopard print bra. I would of course buy a black bra. This lets me have both. Underneath a brown dress or sweater the print would be a fun, sexy secret all my own.

Princess Poochie said...

Those shoes almost have a John Fleuvog look about them.

I'll have to keep my eye out. They are cute