Friday, June 6, 2008

Pretty for Friday -- June 6

I opened my e-mail this morning to discover this jaw-dropping sight:


(Did you gasp out loud? I sure did.)

That is a very dangerous thing to be presented with before one has even had one's coffee. My heart is still racing a little...

Also, eLuxury is currently having their designer sale


and I wanted to show you a couple of things that jumped out at me from that...


Gorgeous, gorgeous black dress. The seaming and the detail on this are so beautiful, and the shape would be wonderfully flattering on almost anyone. This is a wool dress, so if you snag it (and you should, it's a great price) you'll have to wait to wear it unless you crank down the a/c and twirl around your home in it. But no one would blame you if you did. And you will wear this dress for years to come -- it's timeless.

And this is one of the prettiest, prettiest LBDs I've seen in a long time, and I am not usually a sucker for an LBD (Style Spy likes color). But this is lovely.


Obviously, not a dress for a woman with a big bust. Dresses like these are a bone the Fashion Universe throws us less-well-endowed gals -- we can wear a neckline like this without looking like an escapee from the Playboy Mansion.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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Alexandreena said...

I gasped!


Scarlet Pamplemousse said...

Oh MY! I most certainly did gasp!

Susan B said...

Those shoes remind me of Chinese acrobats.

Anonymous said...

I gasped and exclaimed "Jesus" which, as you know, I don't say lightly!

Poochie said...

You beat me to the punch with those heels. I saw my email this morning too and just said "Damn!"

They are veddy veddy hot! Too bad sooo pricey!

I love those dresses too by the way. I have a new favorite heel -

They'd look great with the second dress I think.