Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Style Spy Divests

Have you ever read my blog when I was talking about my wardrobe and thought boy, I wish I could shop in her closet? Well, you can. I have gone through my closet with a fine-toothed comb and pulled out several full-to-bursting shopping bags that are stuffed with clothes I can no longer wear or that it is just time to let go. This Saturday morning I'll be taking part in a yard sale with a friend who lives in Rosedale here in Austin, and I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of things. Importantly, I'm hoping to sell things to people who will appreciate them, because there is some nice stuff in those bags including many things that have never been worn or only worn a few times. There are a few items it's actually a bit difficult to part with, like this coat:

Camel wool Adrienne Vittadini full-length coat. Size 12. This is made of the most beautiful, amazingly soft Piacenza wool -- I thought it was cashmere the first time I put it on, but it's just very good wool. I bought this to wear to Paris one February and it did keep me nice & toasty then and on a subsequent November trip, so it's sentimental, but it was on the large size when I originally bought it and now it simply drowns me. It was an $800 coat originally, I'd like to get $100 for it.

Battenburg lace straight skirt with side vents. Nifty. Size M. $10.

BCBG printed satin flats with comfy rubber soles. Size 9.

I think I wore these once. $10.

These are great fun:

Green leather sandals with leather flower appliqu├ęs on the toes. Size 9, only worn a few times. $20.

Classic, perfect pair of black satin slingbacks. Worn once or twice. Size 9. $20.

This is wonderful:

Red wool knit TeriJon dress. This is one of those garments that needs a body in it to do it justice, but it is a beautiful dress. It's very fitted through the bodice, and that self-tie sets off a nice ballet neck. A great dress that you can wear for years to come. $20. Size 10.

Fun pink striped silk & cashmere cardigan. Size XL. Nice & snuggly. $10.

Anne Klein vanilla gabardine trench coat. Oh, I love this thing, but it is just too big on me. It has always been too big, but the only size they had at the store was a Large, and I liked it so much that I ignored my better judgment and bought it. Every time I've ever worn it I've gotten a slew of compliments, it's a great-looking coat even though it's too big. It needs to be dry-cleaned, so it's only $20.

Iridescent green & bronze pleated party skirt with the cutest little net flounce underneath and a removable sash with sequin trim. Such a fun skirt, with a satisfying rustle when you walk. Size 8. $20.

Oh, believe me, there is lots more where these came from, including the stuff on the Shop Style Spy's Closet Blog. There is what I think is an entire bag of blue jeans of various sizes, more shoes, dresses... just gobs of stuff. Most of it ranges in size between 12 and 6, although there are a few smaller items that have worked their way into the lot. I am flexible about the prices, which are probably going to range from $100 to $5, so bring cash or your checkbook. We'll have a place for you to try things on as well, so you can be sure something works before you take it home.

So come join us in Rosedale Saturday morning between 8:00 and noon! If you'd like the exact address of the sale, contact me by clicking the e-mail link in my profile and I'll shoot you some directions, or check out Craig's List, where I'll be posting an ad. If you're not in Austin and you see something here you think you need, let me know. For the cost of the item plus postage, I'm happy to ship stuff.

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Margherita. said...

The cream coat is beautiful.

Joelle said...

That trench coat is just screaming my name. It's a shame it's too small.