Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pajama Game

Part of being a good Style Spy is keeping an eye and ear carefully peeled in order to discover fun things for my readers in sometimes unlikely places, and this morning I got a heads-up from, of all places, one of my favorite shows on NPR, Car Talk. Does Style Spy expect to find fashionable recommendations on a show typically devoted to talk of master cylinders and transmission fluid? No, she does not. Does she go with it when she does? You betcha.

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Actually, this rec is less about fashion and more about gift ideas, especially important at this time of year. This site offers many different sleepwear options for women, men, and kids, and sends it to the recipient nicely wrapped in a gift kit.

I'm not what anyone would call a pajama connoisseur, but I do appreciate some nice loungies, and aren't these pretty?

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I do feel very strongly that a good robe is extremely important. For me, my robe is the first thing I put on every morning upon waking (at the risk of way TMI, I don't actually sleep in my pajamas) (unless I have visitors, of course) (or am a visitor myself), so I want something perfect to begin my day with. I'm very taken with this one, which has a definite Lauren-Bacall-in-the-40s vibe, what with the satin trim and the big, sweeping skirt.

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And lastly, pjs that Style Spy would not mind sporting herself. While not overly fond of the novelty garment, these are pretty perfect for me:

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Kitties in Paris! Fun! (Shine is dying to go to Paris, and I think she'd do quite well there. Black and white is always chic.)

A note: Pajamas, in my opinion, are the only acceptable type of novelty garment, so I encourage everyone to indulge all their whimsical impulses with their at-home wear. What does this mean for your "adorable" holiday sweaters, embellished with sequined trees and embroidered reindeer? You can't be serious. If I won't permit you to run around with "Juicy" emblazoned on your backside, why would I think it was okay for you to don this "gay apparel"?

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Good googly-moogly. Not chic. Not even remotely. At least this one doesn't light up, like I some I've seen...

If you've got a jones for the "festive," (oh, how I've come to dread that word), why not indulge in these:

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in the privacy of your own home.

All right, that's it for me this weekend. Right now I must do some baking to prepare for the official beginning of my holiday season, the annual Pie Party thrown by a dear friend. A veritable bacchanal of sugar and booze. Hmmmm, what outfit goes with a sour cream apple pie, I wonder...


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Anonymous said...

SS, it's official: I've checked out your blog. And, it's been bookmarked. Very nice! Would the Style Spy approve of Tenacious D boxers as acceptable sleepwear?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog! I was looking for "belts for a small waist" on google when I came across your blog. I've almost given up searching for belts for me!

I've also linked to you on the V&A Exhibition blog!


StyleSpy said...

rr -- The boxers sound fine, as long as they don't sing. (Or light up.)

Cheryl -- Thanks so much! I'm enjoying your blog, as well!

benvenuta said...

I browsed at site and saw several styles I`d wear.
This, however, gave me a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I saw your colection of perfumes... It is beautiful...
and I saw green perfume (to the lft side of picture) and I remember that I had it but I forget name... Can you tell me?