Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shopportunity -- December 4

There's a nice sale going on over at eLuxury.com, and on top of that, they're offering free ground shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve if you order by December 13. There's a lot of good goods, but I thought I'd focus on shoes, and specifically holiday-ready shoes. 'Cause we all have parties coming up, don't we, and there is no better excuse to shop than that. In search of some nice flats to wear on special occasions? How about these...

I love these -- they remind me of a pair of Vivier flats that came out this summer that I wanted pretty fiercely, but without the Vivier price tag.

Love the metallic details on the toes. Shinyshiny.

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Hollywould Metallic Whitney Ballet Flat

These are adorable, and a really great price.

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Oh, that's a yummy shoe. Not the skinniest heel (so less likely to be destroyed by a crack in the sdewalk,
something I'm very sensitive to), and yet still very sexy.
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This is a shoe you could wear to work and on into the evening and at a really great price. What's better than red patent? Nothing, that's what. (These shoes are from Michael Kors, so they'll probably run a half-size large, just so you know. Mr. Kors is generous with his shoe sizing. 'Cause he's American and he knows that we American ladies often has the big feets. Well-shod, but big.)
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These are for if you want to be the girl at the party that everyone is trying to maneuver under the mistletoe. Mrrrrrooooowwrrrr!! That heel is oh-so-Sophia-Loren, isn't it?
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Okay, sorry, even though these are on sale they aren't what anyone in her right mind would call a bargain, but I just had to show them to you because they are soooooooo...
so. (And I mean that in a good way.) The iridescent patent, the skinny, skinny sky-high stiletto... day-um!
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For all you wedge-lovers (and I count myself among you). I just love the warm color of these, with a tiny bit of gold for shimmer. Pretty.
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I've shown these on the blog before, but now they're ON SALE!! Woo-hoo!! Just beautiful shoes.
And finally, because I've been jonesing for them since I saw them on the runway:
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Ohhhhh, I just adore these things. Over the top? Yes, indeed, they are, but I think we've all learned by this point that over the top is not something I have a lot of trouble with. Sadly, even at a good 40% off these are still not feasible for me immediately post-European vacation. However, if anyone is searching for a Christmas gift for little ol' Style Spy... I think a 39.5 in these. I'm just sayin'...

So, go! Shop!

Photos: eLuxury.com

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Poochie said...

Thank GOD those Roberto Cavalli booties are not available in my size. I don't even really like booties and I think those are pretty darn hot.