Monday, March 31, 2008

My Loss Is Your Gain

The good news is: Weight Watchers works. Really, really works.

The bad news is: there are a lot of beautiful things in my closet that I cannot wear anymore.

Since the beginning of the year Style Spy has been diligently Weight Watchering, and that combined with an increased running regimen has led to some pretty significant changes in my physical self. The result of this is that I have some clothes that I can no longer fit. I'm not complaining, mind you, but some of this stuff I hadn't even worn yet. Oy. It's a little sad to see these things hanging there and know that you cannot help them to live up to their full potential. On top of that, there has been a steady trickling outflow of money on purchases that DO fit, so all in all Style Spy is a bit in the hole.

Before I post all these goods on an auction site, I thought I'd let my readers get first crack. I've created another blog to partner with this one called Style Spy's Closet, and I'm going to feature them there. Come on over, have a look, and if you see anything you're interested in, send me an e-mail. (All prices are before S&H.)

Here's a sample:

Ellen Tracy cerise-pink polished cotton shirtdress. Oh, this thing is so lovely. It has princess seams so it's very slimming, and godets in the skirt so that it's nice & swingy. It comes with a self-belt, although I have already removed the little thread carriers on the side seams of the dress. (I'm long-waisted, and the belt loops on dresses like this are always way too high for me.) This dress is lined and altogether beautiful -- so much so that I bought it even though it was a tiny bit big for me at the time. I have never worn this dress -- it is brand-spankin' new, even though I have already removed the tags. This is a size 10, and I find this company is fairly generous with their sizing. I think original retail on this dress was around $300. I'm asking $50.00, plus shipping.

There's more -- go check it out. More things will be added as time goes by, so stop in every now and again to see if there's anything you like. If you're interested in purchasing, drop me a line.

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Fashion Trend Guide said...

I just came back from Austin, I should have asked for your shopping tips before I went! I enjoyed shopping on SoCo the most. Congrats on the weight loss!