Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring In Your Step

It's the first day of Spring!!! Hooray!!! The end of dreary winter is within sight! And what means spring? Flowers! Blooms, blossoms, buds! They're Mother Nature's sex organs, issuing a showy, smelly come-hither to the birds and the bees; signifiers of all that is fecund and fertile from time immemorial.

Also, they're pretty.

Here's some stuff I found with flowers to celebrate the ol' vernal equinox. I know a lot of you out there are still trapped in winter misery, shoveling snow and swaddled head-to-toe in fleece and long johns, but worry not -- the end is near. Just focus on the pretty and dream of spring.


Oh, I love this. It's bright, it's graphic, it's swingy and a little vintage -- that's a dress I want to wear


And how adorable are these? So simple and sweet. They would be very wonderful with the dress above them.

If you're not up for a floral print, how about a floral texture?


This comes in a mink-y brown color, too, if the red is too much for you.

Malababa Leather Twist Ring

How fun. Very abstract little leather flower-ish thing. Also in black, for a slightly more goth feel.

From the woman who has mastered the abstract floral print (not to mention the dress), Diane von Furstenberg:

Diane von Furstenberg Jilda Cap Sleeve Wrap Dress

It's spring. It's time to treat yourself to a classic DVF wrap dress. You will wear it for many springs to come, I promise.


Love these beautiful saturated colors.

A couple of gorgeous floral scarves. Tie your flowers around your neck, your shoulders, your head, your handbag. Scarves are always a good investment.

Abstract floral fun from Nine West.


This is lovely, and very on sale.


I would call this color peony pink. Beautiful.


Really love this ring. That is right up my alley.

Nine West Women's Lovable Flat

These are absolutely adorable, come in several bright colors, and are by Nine West so they're very affordable. I'd buy two pairs, because these are the sort of shoes that you will wear to tatters and then weep because you no longer have them.

A floral scarf that made me gasp, it's so beautiful. I'm besotted with this thing.
From Valentino, always home to the loveliest floral prints. I'm going to have dreams about this scarf.

More abstract floral yumminess from Rebecca Taylor:

Rebecca Taylor Open Back Dress


Isn't that nice? I often find her clothes a bit twee and cutesy, but this collection seems to really be working for me.

I'm fascinated by these shoes.
Women's shoes: Camper Twins Cameo - White and black

On one hand, the mary jane flat thing usually strikes me as far too childish. On the other, that black & white pattern is utterly wonderful. These may be just weird enough to be perfect.

These are just instant happiness:
Women's shoes: Poetic Licence Margarita - Red

I've never been able to abide thongs just because I hate the way they feel between my toes, but these are wonderful enough that I might try to get over that.

Pour La Victoire Women's Katie Floral Flat
Great little flat in a bright, abstract floral.

Keds Women's Bliss Wedge

These are Keds!!!

Keds Women's Blossom Wedge
These are Keds, too! So much fun, and you know they'd be comfy.

I'm head over heels for this dress:

Rebecca Taylor T Shirt Dress

Whatever Rebecca Taylor was smoking/drinking/taking while she designed this collection, she needs to keep it up. This is just stunning. I love the color combination and the just-enough fuchsia sequins at the top. I would not, however, wear silver shoes with it. I think that brown color needs a gold shoe.

I hope your first day of spring is sunny and happy, everyone!

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Sian said...

Dearest, I have been craving that Dolce and Gabbana dress since before they showed in January's (I think) British Vogue. I know I probably can't afford it, but for heaven's sake don't show it any more people while I'm making up my mind!

Anonymous said...

Loved the spring teaser. Now if it would only warm up enough to wear sandals in Paris. In the meantime, my floral solution is a pair of tapestry New Balances. You can see them at

Anonymous said...

The flower pattern D&G are using on that dress is a rip-off from Finnish company Marimekko's famous 'Poppy' (or 'Unikko') design. I've heard they're looking into it and we'll see if Marimekko will sue D&G...
Atleast Manolo Blahnik is using the real thing on his new summer collection. But I do love the shape of the dress.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am craving florals this year. I am not usually a print lover but all of these prints make me want to indulge some whimsy and add some bouquets to my solid wardrobe. I am thinking about those nine west ballet flats as a safe way into florals.

StyleSpy said...

Sian -- I'm sure they still have plenty of the dresses left, especially in your tiny size. Fret not.

chicamericaine -- I wish you bon temps très bientôt!

cathie -- I thought that print was vaguely familiar, but I didn't put it together until your comment. Hope there's no legal ugliness.

bellette -- these desires are all explained by your recent relocation. It's Austin working its magic! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Compare D&G flower dress with Finnish desing print Marimekko (from year 1964