Friday, March 7, 2008

Shopportunity -- March 8


eLuxury has their sale items marked down an additional 30% for a limited time -- this sale ends at midnight PST Sunday. (You should shop early, though, because we change over to Daylight Savings Time this weekend and with that complication on top of Pacific Time -- I don't even KNOW when that is. Just do it sometime before, say 6:00 or so and you're probably safe.)

And additional 30% off is not inconsequential, my dears. That means that this wonderful thing


is down to $235. Oh, I love that! It's a knitted dress with an attached scarf -- so dramatic! And that color -- blue-eyed redheads are very good in purple.

This adorable jacket


is going for a measly 179 bucks. It's only March -- you're going to have plenty of need for a jacket yet this year and how much do we love that color? So great.

And remember these shoes?

I have been harping at you about these shoes for a couple of months now. They're marked down to under 100 bucks, so just buy 'em already, wouldja???

On top of the bargains, they're offering free shipping on orders over $150.


Not shopped out yet? You can get an Extra 15% Off A Special Selection on YOOX.COM by using code WONDERWOMAN@YOOX at checkout.

This applies to these stunning blue satin pumps from Etro


as well as these killer rose-gold strappies from Pollini,


decorated with little gemstone flowers, so pretty they make you sit down and fan yourself.

So, go! Shop!

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