Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, Poo!

Here's a new favorite thing I wanted to share with you.


This is my new favorite shampoo. Actually, it's a no-poo, which means it doesn't have the sulfates that are usually added to shampoos in order to make them lather. Apparently, if I'm getting my information right, lathering agents aren't actually necessary to clean the hair, they're just something added in because we as a culture are trained to associate suds with cleanliness. Those sulfates are actually pretty hard on the hair, especially curly hair (like mine), and especially color-treated hair (again, like mine). Red is the single hardest color to hang on to, and when your hair is curly (which means it's extra porous) it's even harder to keep the color from fading. Until recently I've been devoted to a color-depositing shampoo made by Wella, but like seemingly all the good stuff in my life, it has been discontinued. (Isn't that always the way?) So since my last visit to the salon, I've been using this product, and I have to tell you, I really, really like it. My hair is feeling very healthy and the color has held up really well, much better than usual.

Now. It is not easy to get used to this stuff. Basically, it's like washing your hair with conditioner -- there are no suds. There is a little peppermint in the formula, so you can feel it on your scalp and that feeling helps make up for the lack of suds. I find I'm using a little more more of than I ordinarily would, and I have to work a little harder at it, to get the stuff down into my roots at my scalp. Also, I'm washing my hair every other day instead of every third day. Part of this is that it's hot outside and I'm running almost every day, so my head is just skanky (Style Spy is not a pretty sight when she gets back from her three-mile run. How not pretty? The words "drowned rat" come to mind.), and some of it is that currently I'm using a silicone product to smooth my hair, which according to my current research, is also a no-no because the silicones are stubborn little critters that require strong measures to wash them out. (I'm on the lookout for a styling product that will replace my silicone goo.)

But all things considered, I highly recommend this stuff. If you have curly hair, if you have dry hair, if you have color-treated hair or just any kind of hair that needs a little bit of babying, I'd say give it a try. Deva Curl also makes a product called Low-Poo, which might be easier for some to transition with rather than going cold turkey on the suds. Deva also makes color-specific products, which I will be looking into, and I know there are other no- and low-poo products out there.

So how about you guys? Anyone use this stuff, or something like it? What do you think about it?

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Anonymous said...

Eight months ago I switched to shampoo bars ( on the recommendation of your friend Rebecca, actually.) I love, love, love them. No plastic bottle waste, they come in very yummy scents, they're totally natural, and my hair looks better than ever. One note, some folks say that they had an adjustment period, although I didn't. I've started ordering them from, and am totally hooked. But, you can also get shampoo bars (like JR Liggett) at Whole Foods or Wheatsville. I'd love to hear your review.

r r s said...

My hairstylist recommended a few drops of olive oil to smooth and condition my hair. It works for me- I filled up an old pump dispenser from one of the silicone products with it and added a few drops of lavender oil so I don't smell like a salad. I have much bigger hair than you, though.

Anonymous said...

I also have curly hair, though it is fine and I use a product with silicons, after I wash (every 2-3 days, even after a long run I find I can give my hair a good rinse and it feels clean). I don't see what's wrong with the 'cones in my styling product ('tho I do know the hair board does not look nicely upon silicone). Most of time my hair looks fabulous. If that's because of silicones, then I'm okay with it.

Duchesse said...

Hi from another curly/red: if I can go for a WEEK with no wash but tepid water or a teeny squeeze of conditioner after getting coloured, it lasts way longer.

Have used no-poo and find conditioner works as well.

Jo said...

Oh, man, I so need to try this Deva stuff. I've been washing with conditioner, but it just doesn't seem to be doing the job post-workout.

I have fine, curly-to-wavy hair and find that Bumble & Bumble styling cream works really well, both to hold the curl and to stop the dread frizz. If I slap on a little, the old head-hat is good for a day with my hair down. If I slap on a LOT, I can put my hair up--and have it STAY up--through a 12-hour shift at the hospital.

You run *outside* in Austin in this weather? You, my friend, are a better woman than I. I can go three miles on the treadmill in my spare room with the a/c on and the fans going, but no way in heck am I gonna get out when it's 85* with 70* humidity.

tmp00 said...

I tend to err on the poo-ier side of things but need to change- I find them terribly drying.

Miriam said...

As a 20-something with very thin, curly hair, I find it's impossible to get any beauty advice about my hair. Whenever they address curly hair, they always talk about problems of thickness, etc. Not all curly hair is created equally.

So anyhow, this no-poo stuff sounds interesting, but I would be very interested in an extended post on the care and keeping of curly hair.

StyleSpy said...

Katie -- I've only used shampoo bars once or twice. I do love the convenience of them (they're fantastic to travel with), I found them a little too harsh for my hair.

r - olive oil! Genius!

anon -- Yeah, I'm a little hesitant to give them up, too. But I'm open to change.

duchesse -- I don't think I could go for a week, certainly not when it's this hot and I'm running. But I do go as long as I can stand it after I get new color.

Jo - I'm out & back before 9:30 most mornings, so it's not so bad. I'm one of those people who doesn't feel the heat as much, so I'd much rather run int he hot than the cold.

tmp -- I think you'll find the no-poo a lot easier on your hair. Maybe the Low-Poo is a good intermediate step.

Miriam -- I have curly hair, but I can't claim to be an expert on it. A great place to go for advice on your curls is

Anonymous said...

Ojon has a ball of stuff ( sorry do not know the name of it) But their styling prodcuts are SLS& cones free. So are Peter Lamas cosmetics poos& condish's. I have not been able to use cones for 10 years at least . cones(whichopen hair shaft and let colour out, are in the shampoo for shine only & lather only oops that is SLS's. If you really want pure styling product , try sugar water !!! Nothing gets to demage my hair !! grr, so love all the comments here & will try them. And lastly are you running with a sun block/condish in your hair ,& then after rinsing in cool to ice cold water after, your hair will love you for it. Luck k

Anonymous said...

Con't Ojon usednon hair with a tiny smear is good for your hair troubles . But the new one I looked up (the ball)(Cocoa don't let near dogs) is for all body it is called Tawaka Ball .Even with straight hair,my blond gets very!! blond in summer I am testing it and this year I am holding the colour with it's help.k