Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopportunity -- July 26

Woo-hoo!! For a limited time, eLuxury is offering an additional 25% off their already-marked-down sale items! (This is going on until August 1.)


Many wonderful things, including this really adorable t-shirt:


Click on the link to check out the back of this, it's darling. (Note: I own this shirt and it's itty. Order a size up from your usual -- I should have gone with the medium.)


I love this sweater. So retro-sexy. Put it on with a pencil skirt and pretend you're a character on Mad Men (which returns this Sunday -- hooray!!). These kinds of looks are going to be HUGE and EVERYWHERE this year, because this show is a monster hit and has been nominated for a squillion Emmys, including one for Best Costumes. (I started harping about how influential this show was going to be last winter, and I still think I'm right.)

Also available is this wonderful, wonderful dress:


Its a pale lilac color, and you should really click on the link to get more photos of the detailing on this dress. It doesn't look like much in the picture above, but when you get a closer look at it you realize how lovely it is. That color is not the easiest for everyone to wear, but that's why the Fashion Gods gave us Hermés scarves -- to wrap around our necks and bring color close to our faces. Or, you could wear it with the neck opened further and a colorful t-shirt or cami underneath it. Put a bright belt around the waist for contrast, if you'd like. Wear it over a turtleneck once it gets cooler. This dress is not cheap, but it's a bargain for what it is and I promise if you invested in it you would not be sorry, because it's wearable in a lot of ways and for years to come.

Wear that dress with these shoes:


Which also come in red, by the way, and are delicious either way. We're still not done with platforms and wedges, I don't think, so enjoy them.

There's tons more stuff on the site to make you swoony. Boy, I really hate my No Buy right now...

So, go!! Shop!!!!

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rosarita said...

Dear Style Spy,

I enjoy your blog so much and I really need to let you know that more often. And, I am completely smitten with Mad Men, so much that I spent the better part of last Sunday watching a marathon of first season episodes on AMC. A couple of days ago, I even found some early 60s copies of Ladies Home Journal, which are wonderful for channeling the whole MM vibe. I certainly hope you're as right as I think you are about the show's influence on fashion! Although I've read that the costumes come complete with long-line bras, girdles, stockings and garter belts, hmmm....just makes my standard wintertime black tights seem that much more comfortable. :)

StyleSpy said...

Anita -- that's so sweet of you to say, thank you so much. It's amazing knowing that people all over read what I have to say and enjoy it -- I can't get over it sometimes.

I do think the Mad Men look is going to stay with us for a bit, but I don't think even the fabulosity of those gals in their curvy pencil skirts is going to bring back girdles and garters, thank goodness. So never fear --stick with the black tights!

WendyB said...

Great wedges.