Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love and Forgiveness

Recently, Style Spy treated herself to a pair of these bad boys...


They've been one of the Want Monster's favorite ways to poke me for a while now, and they were way on sale and so I got 'em. Believe it or not, I needed a pair of black sandals. It's true, I swear -- somehow in the vastness of the closet I had neglected to install the requisite pair of strappy black sandals. I have the gorgeousgorgeous snakeskin and feather Blahniks, but, well, they're snakeskin and feather. Honestly, they're a little bit worrisome to wear. I'm fretted to death I'll ruin them. (This is the downside of loving your shoes too much. Is there a support group for this anywhere?)

The version of this sandal that I have is less extreme -- there are just the three stars on the front of the shoe and they have a regular, all-one-piece sole without the toe shapes. The insoles & heels are the same gold as the stars. They're pretty spectacular. Simple. Beautiful. They special-up everything. (Although I learned the hard way that this is
yet another pair of shoes I need to not wear with hand-hemmed slacks -- the points on the stars catch on the hem threads.) But Saturday I was prepping an outfit that will feature them and I noticed something.

(Okay, just stop right there. Yes, I prep outfits. Meaning, I put the outfit together and try it on to make sure everything works and it looks good together. A dress rehearsal, as it were. Sometimes I do it just to entertain myself -- tells you something about
my madly exciting life, doesn't it? -- but in this particular case I'm going to have to change into this outfit with not a lot of time and I can't be futzing with it in the moment, it has to be ready to go. The occasion is a couple of days from now, but I had time this weekend, so I checked it off the list. I make no apologies for this -- I have been playing dress-up all my life, I'm not about to stop just because I'm a so-called grown-up.)

At any rate, prepping the outfit, blahblah, get the shoes, and what did I notice? This:

Yes. Toothmark. And no, not mine. Delicious as these sandals are, I have not attempted to eat them. Here is the culprit:

How she can sleep with her guilty conscience, I'll never know...

Look at her, all fluffy, angelic innocence. You'd never know, would you, that inside that adorable furball lurks the mouthy oral fixation of a teething Labrador retriever puppy. Babycat is a chewer, I regret to say. Magazines, plants, shoelaces, tissue paper -- and patent leather is an especially delectable treat, apparently. It is bizarre behavior, I'll grant you, but at five years old she shows no signs of letting it go, so this is what it is. It certainly inspires me to put my stuff away as soon as I'm done with it, for fear of this very occurrence. But evidently I relaxed my vigilance at some point for a few moments. It couldn't have been long, but it was long enough for Shine to get in a nibble. I hope she enjoyed it, because she'll never have that chance again.

Was I upset? Yeah, a little bit. But in a way, it's good for this sort of thing to happen to me every now and again. I tend to get a little carried away with precious-izing my things. And they're just things. Lovely, artful, and sometimes very expensive, but still -- just
things. Whereas this fluffbucket here

is my beating heart, the love of my life, and my most dependable source of joy. Stefano Pilati, genius that he may be, has yet to create anything so wonderful as her.

Which is not to say I'm going to start leaving my shoes lying around, let me be
perfectly clear.

Photos:, Style Spy

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benvenuta said...

As a cat lover, I approve of your attitude. ;)

While those shoes do look painful to me, they ARE fabulous. Can we have more pictures? Both of the shoes and the kitty.

StyleSpy said...

ben -- my star shoes are not painful in the least. They're very well-engineered and actually quite comfy. Not all high heels are automatically uncomfortable, as I point out again & again. Well-made shoes torture the feet less than cheap ones.

Shine pops up on the blog periodically, keep an eye peeled!

benvenuta said...

I just wish I could find more well-engineered high heels.

I meant that those shoes look like they would hurt me if I was wearing them. Perhaps I used wrong words.

They are fabulous. What do you wear with them?

r r s said...

I try out outfits before events sometimes, too. Only if I've got the house to myself, though, because my husband makes fun of me.
When we got our great dane, he ate every single pair of my black heels. Really. It took him a few months, but keep in mind he can push open doors that aren't closed quite right, and he can reach anything that's below 4 feet off the ground... sometimes higher. That was my senior year of college, though, and I didn't have anything that would've been considered an "investment piece" back then. Although... he did tear up the box I kept my engagement ring in before I got it sized. Walked into the living room one day and there were little bits of leather and felt and cardboard all over the carpet... the ring was in the middle of the floor. It must've hurt his teeth or something.

Duchesse said...

My former cat, Mr C, had a thing for lace lingerie, the finer the better. Must have been like a scratching post for his teeth.

Anonymous said...

Other than having them blessed by kitty, do you do any preventative work on your new shoes, like have half soles added? Care to share some shoe maintenance advice for us? I aspire to fabulous shoes and when that day comes I want to keep them in great shape!

StyleSpy said...

r -- So, no shoes lying around on your floors, either, eh? Yikes. And I'm guessing a Great Dane can make pretty short work of your average pair of sandals -- one or two chomps and it's all over.

Duchesse -- Why, Mr. C!! You racy, racy kitty, you!

StyleSpy said...

Oh, and benvenuta -- the answer is pretty much everything, right now! Wore them to dinner this week with a khaki polished cotton pencil skirt and my blue Hermes scarf-as-halter, under a nice off-white cashmere cardi.

StyleSpy said...

Tellicherry -- I don't usually add half-soles unless the originals are super-thin. Eventually if I wear them enough to need new soles, I'll get them, but the fancy shoes don't get worn enough for that to happen very often. Suede & fabric shoes always get a good shot of spray stain repellent, and I try to spray anything going out into wet weather with waterproofing. Also, I always try to check & make sure there's no dings or scuffs or anything before I put them away, so I'm not unpleasantly surprised the next time I want to wear them.

Robo said...

Nah, I do "preps" too, but my mom calls them fashion shows. This happens either on the eve of some event that needs outfit planning or to put outfit theories into practise. Also to remember all the stuff that's languishing in some corner of the closet :)

Kitteh is cute, but maybe needs a chew toy?