Saturday, March 24, 2007

Living in the Moment

Tucked into my bed last night reading "W" before I drifted off to fashion dream-filled sleep, I came across an article proclaiming that we are having a Mary Jane Moment.

Really? Gee, I hadn't noticed...

The first page of the article is illustrated by an artfully arranged grouping of four different styles of mary janes, three of which (the Camparis, the Iowas, and the Miu Mius) I have had on my feet in the last couple of weeks. They should hire me to write a compare & contrast survey.

The article speaks approvingly of the Miu Mius, noting how they go from "quirkily innocent" to "overtly sexy" depending on how they are worn, and illustrates this with the following:

Mandy Moore, looking very lovely and easily chic

Lindsay Lohan, hooching up & ruining the Mary Jane Moment. Seriously -- how is it that Rachel Zoe gets ANY work??

I can only assume (dear lord, I can only hope!) that Ms. Lohan (No, you know what? Miss Lohan. Until she starts behaving like an adult, she doesn't merit a "Ms.") doesn't have any plans for sitting down all evening, and heaven forfend she should drop her tightly clutched box of Marlboro Lights (so classy) while pounding back yet another Red Bull & vodka.

I don't care that she's only, what? 22? and still has great legs. If your clothing makes me wonder with alarm about your choice of undergarments, it should not be worn in public. Period.

Okay, rant over. Back to the Mary Jane Moment, which I am loving. There do seem to be variations on the mary jane them all over the place, and most of them get my wholehearted approval. There's something about the look I really adore, and I also love wearing shoes I know I'm not going to step out of. (Should impromptu swing dancing break out, I'm covered!)

(You laugh, but I'm actually a pretty darn good swing dancer. So there!)

With most styles, all but the most ornamented or kitchified, they can stand in for any pumps or classic slingbacks and give you just a little more detail and design oomph. Here's a few pairs that I love. Click the photos for links.

Perfect. Classic, yet still sexy. Great shoe.

Sweet little blue flats! (Also in other colors.)

An "homage" to the Blahnik Camparis, without the Blahnik price.

Another "homage", this time to the Miu Mius.

Some will cringe, but I don't care -- I LOVE them. Too much fun!!!!

Just beautiful, with fabulous kitten heel.

Plaid! How cute!

I am besotted with these and am drawing on all my reserves of willpower...

Wicked, wicked shoes that practically purr, "Hello, boys..."

These also come in solid colors if the floral is too much for you, but I think it's glorious.

Limited sizes (my credit card breathes a sigh of relief) because they're very on sale, but ooooooh, so beautiful.

Red patent peep toes (what's not to love?) at a fabulous price.

More red patent peep toes. Just 'cause I love 'em. (Hey, the heels are different!)

Great little suede wedge. These look so inviting to me.

So there you are. Revel in the Mary Jane Moment. Seek out the perfect pair for you. And then please write & tell me all about them!

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Anonymous said...

Those Bettye Mullers are fetching! They look even better in the other color! Gorgeous shoe!

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to sign my name--

spell_me (suzy)

Elle said...

i love those blue flats!