Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Platonic Sandal Ideal

Earlier this week I ordered these on a whim:

(Hadie by Circa Joan & David)

I am in love. I think I'm likely to buy a backup pair of these because my guess is I'm going to wear them to shreds this summer and then be very, very sad because I don't have them anymore. I've been known to do this -- buy two (or more) of something I really love to avoid the inevitable day when I have to replace it. I felt incredibly silly the first time I did it ("I have a perfectly good pair of these at home!") but that feeling evaporated the first time I finally retired a beloved pair of sandals and reached up onto the top shelf of the closet to retrieve a box containing... the exact same beloved sandals!

The shoes I really need to get a backup of at present are my Red Quasar Weitzman pumps

which I have spoken of here previously. These shoes... I love them passionately. They have a history, a provenance, which I'll spare you at present. When these become unwearable (which they will, being patent), there will be a mourning and wailing and gnashing of teeth that will make Niobe look like a four year-old girl throwing a tantrum.

(Apollo and Diana Attacking Niobe and her Children by Anicet-Charles-Gabriel Lemonnier)

But I digress...

I wasn't actually looking for sandals, I was looking for mid-heeled shoes to wear on my trip to New York this April, which cannot be sandals. I have a deep-seated revulsion about wearing open shoes in New York City. Eeeeuw. (And before you dismiss me as some paranoid, provincial mid-American bourgeoise may I remind you that I used to live in New York City and I know of what I speak.)

So, the sandals -- they're fantastic. They're comfortable, they're versatile, they're good-looking: they're pretty much everything you could want in a sandal. They even came with a nice heavy flannel dustbag -- all for under 100 bucks! So go! Getcha some! (Just please don't order the last pair of size 9s in medium brown -- those are my backups.)

Off to Dallas this morning to buy perfume for some folks and see the Matisse exhibit. (Look for me at the DMA tomorrow afternoon -- I'll be wearing my new sandals!) Back next week!

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say: I love your blog.
I really do!


StyleSpy said...

Why, thank you, Suzy!