Monday, August 13, 2007

Flat Shoe Society

Hello, my stylish friends!! It's been too long!! I'm so sorry I abandoned you for two weeks -- I've just been insanely busy with a styling project for a photographic shoot that happened this past weekend and much of my life just ground to a halt while I outfitted seven (seven!!) models on a very limited budget. In consequence of which I have developed a new theory, called Style Spy's Law of Labor & Budgetary Inverses, which reads:

The less money available for a project, the more time, energy and ingenuity it will require.

When you think about that, it makes sense. If you need a new outfit and you have unlimited funds with which to buy it, you can just go shopping and throw money at the problem and before you know it, you have something fabulous. If you have to be a little more fiscally cautious, however, it can be a lot more work to create something wonderful with limited resources. It's a shame, but it's true.

So I'm sorry for ignoring the blog for so long, and thanks to all the people who sent me concerned e-mails -- that was so sweet of you. It made me feel like I truly have friends all over the world. And the shoot, after all the hard work, was wonderful and resulted in some absolutely breathtaking photos, so it was all worth it.

In other news -- today is Style Spy's birthday!! I hope you will all trot out and wear, at least for a moment, your favorite shoes in my honor.

Here's a little prezzie I bought for myself a couple of weeks ago, in celebration of mon anniversaire and my newly-repaired foot which can once again wear flat shoes without pain:

How cute are those?? I love them so much!! Quilted black patent leather, and what's even more exciting are the rubber soles that make them comfy and easy to walk in. These shoes are definitely coming to Paris with me in November. I hesitated about buying them, fearing that they were too open to wear into the fall, with tights, but I came home and ran the experiment:

and decided they were a "go." What do you think?

They also come in silver, but I needed new black flats. And I'm buying patent like a madwoman because I predict that it's only going to be big for a little while longer before it fades out of favor and I want to stock up. I don't think it's going to disappear entirely, but we've had several big seasons of patent lately and it's bound to run its course before long.

If I have enough time today, I might go shopping for an entirely different kind of shoes:

May we interest you in something in nylon and rubber, madame?

Mmmmmmmm, those are beauties. (You see? I'm open-minded. It's not ALL about the stilleto and the patent leather and the rhinestones!)

Have a great day, everyone! It's good to be back!

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Rhiannon said...

Many happy returns!

Anonymous said...

LOL take back what I just said about flat shoes . Love those and do they come in my size 5 or 5.5. I could really like those much better than most,X make that any X flats I have seen. I will never question flats again. I will just ask you ,as you have done my feet well so far. And you know I have the purse LOLOL HB once again have a good evening k

Alexandra said...

Happy birthday!

And those are wonderful flats! Love them!

I know what you mean about being open-minded: I need to go and buy new hiking boots this weekend. Must be open minded and see the beauty in hiking boots( that might require mind-altering drugs

Anonymous said...

loving the saucony and the choos, but personally I think puma makes better shoes with better fits.

deb-ct said...

A very Happy Birthday!!

Hay! said...

Glad to see you back :)

r sorrell said...

Ah, so you get to start running again? Fun.

jenmarie said...

Many happy thoughts your way for your very special day....
Welcome back!!
Congrats on the photo shoot success!!

Colombina (Marina) said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Amy!