Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sensible for Tuesday

Well, I'm just mean, aren't I? I just throw some unbelievably beautiful shoes up on the blog for everyone to drool over & dream about, and very conveniently neglect to inform you that they cost over $800. Now, I'm all about you-get-what-you-pay-for and quality-not-quantity and I believe that saving up for an important/expensive purchase strengthens the character and all that, but $820 is... a buncha samoleons.

So I spent a large chunk of the weekend surfing the Series of Tubes to come up with some more reasonably-priced alternatives. It wasn't easy -- there isn't much out there with the elegance and beauty of those Louboutins. But I did find a few things. Click photos for links.

Kenneth Cole in black, red, or brown. These are on sale for under $50, but there are limited sizes, so if you like them you'd better jump quick.

Very pretty Isabella Fiore. These are embroidered rather than laser-cut, but I think the effect is similar. These are not cheap shoes, but they're still only about half of the Loubies.

Taryn by Taryn Rose -- chunkier, but that's always the way with Taryn Rose shoes, sadly. On the upside -- probably very comfortable, and a great shoe for work. Those would spiff up an office outfit nicely.

These are probably the closest thing I found. They are by someone called N.Y.L.A., and I don't know this brand so cannot speak with any authority about the quality of the shoe. But they're quite literally about a tenth of the price of the Loubies, so they'd be a good way to scratch the itch. (If anyone orders them I hope they'll let me know.) They also come in three other colors, including a very nice blue.

Happy shopping!

Photos: Piperlime.com, Saks.com, Zappos.com

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Princess Poochie said...

Those are all cute options. I had the Louboutin's in my shopping cart wish list, but they didn't make me jump. I think they are out of my size now.

Thank goodness, I guess!

jonniker said...

I meant to say this the other day:

I have an adorable pair of NYLA shoes, and while they are very, very cute, they are terribly low quality, and I doubt they'll last me the remainder of the season. Just in case you find other shoes you want to post like this, now you know. Cute, adorable shoes, terrible quality. Good for super-trendy shoes you'll only have for one season, max.