Monday, May 19, 2008

If You Can PIck Up Your Own Suitcase...

A friend of mine sent me a link today to this great article from The Guardian in the UK. If you've ever had to pack a suitcase, you should read it.

The Beast, upon returning from our last trip to Paris.

Hadley Freeman frequently writes about fashion for the Guardian and clearly she & I share the same travel philosophy.

Photo: Style Spy

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Anonymous said...

ha! Excellent article.

By the way, I checked out eluxury re: that boat neck striped marc by marc jacobs top you had a photo of in an a post earlier this month. The blouse is really nice but I was torn--did I really NEED it--and then I looked at the photo that showed the back--surprise! Too cute! That tipped the scale and I ordered it. I hope it's as darling in person as it is in the photo--I need to make sure I wear it out somewhere where people can see my back (note to self--if eating out, must NOT sit in a booth while wearing this blouse!)

materfamilias said...

Very cute article! I'm not so concerned, though, about being able to carry my own suitcase, as I am mistrustful of the airline's willingness to keep my favourite shoes on the same continent as the one I'm currently traveling. I'm currently embarking on an experiment (which may have disastrous consequences, but which I'm feeling confident about at the moment): leaving Wednesday morning for a week in Paris and another week and a half in Portugal, with one carry-on! I suspect you'd pretend you didn't know me (if you did, you know . . .)

Always In Style said...

Hilarious article, thanks for posting!

I, of course, tend to under pack and not because I am trying to do the "right" thing but because I somehow lose all sense of reason when I get near a suitcase. Just went on a weekend getaway to the country and forgot to pack...jeans.


Princess Poochie said...

The airlines are so mean (in all senses of the word) these days. And I, like Materfamilias, worry about my clothes and especially shoes, arriving in the same location as I do.

I'm going to NYC next week and am a total stress-ball about what to pack. I just don't know what to do and have taken to buying stuff on YOOX which may not even arrive in time, in hopes that I have something I want to wear!



Robo said...

Great article!

One always has a good excuse for packing the entire wardrobe when one will be traveling for more than two weeks. That will be me in June -- UK, San Francisco, and San Diego during a trip that will easily be three weeks long. Let's not forget the extra duffel bag packed to make room for purchases on the trip (*ahem* more shoes). And the "just-in-case" pieces.

One trick I found that can help streamline packing a bit is deciding on a colour palette...but then again, that would get boring after a week, tops.

Anonymous said...

My Darling Hubby has picked up a cool trick. He fedex's or other courier,a large briefcase or suitcase of clothes to arrive at hotel when he does. He had to give a speech to a prestigious bunch without his good clothes ,who knows where? So this trick has saved him much embarrassment . Now he is never without a fresh tie shirt & suit. Works like a charm. k

r sorrell said...

My husband wouldn't let me pick my bags for our two-week trip to South America. He insisted that I not check any luggage. He wouldn't let me take the carry-on tote I'd so carefully selected. He also wouldn't let me pack all of my shoes. We fought. I cried. I shoved everything I could into space bags so it would all fit. My bag was obviously too large to be a carry-on, but somehow I got away with it. I'm still angry, though.

StyleSpy said...

Anon -- please report back on the top, dying to hear if it works out.

Mater -- you're my hero. I could never do it. See, I worry a little about them losing the luggage, too, but in my twisted reasoning that just means I should take TWO. What are the odds they'll lose both of them, right?

AIS -- hilarious. There's always one key basic thing I forget, usually something like saline solution or tampons or other important things.

Poochie -- god luck with the packing. Remember -- any excuse to shop is a good thing.

Robo -- I do the color palette thing, too. It usually falls into the red/white/black zone. It does get a wee bit monotonous after a bit, so I do try to throw in one or two things that are different. But it does make life much simpler.

K- I fantasize about shipping my luggage. Someday...

R- we've already discussed this. You know my (appalled) thoughts on the matter. Sheesh! Men!!

Duchesse said...

Went to Europe in March, 3 weeks with carry-on. In a word: Black jersey. Purchases had to be jewelry- worse luck!