Monday, May 26, 2008

Give It a Whirl

It's funny how the mind works. Last week in my post about fashion at Cannes I posted a photo of Woody Allen. My guess is that Woody Allen doesn't make it onto fashion blogs all that frequently, and he wasn't the focus of the photo for me, but it got me thinking about him as a filmmaker. While I haven't loved every Woody Allen movie I've ever seen, I've at least liked almost all of them, and there are some I absolutely adore. One of my very favorites is a little movie he did in 1997 called Everyone Says I Love You. It's a musical featuring the usual Woody Allen cast of dozens, and it's surprisingly sweet and funny. And thinking about that movie made me think of my favorite scene in it, which is this one...

Isn't that just swoony? (Seriously, if that doesn't melt your heart, or at least thaw out the edges, I'm not sure there's any hope for you. It's one of my favorite things I've ever seen on film.) Goldie Hawn started out her life in show biz as a dancer, remember -- it's why to this day she still has those great legs. And this scene is set in Paris, which of course makes me love it all the more now, although the first time I saw the movie I'd yet to go there. (And if anyone familiar with Paris can tell me which bridge that is I'd love to know. I can't quite suss it out.)

One of my favorite details of the scene is Goldie's dress. It's a perfectly simple black dress, but obviously designed to be shown to its best advantage while it's moving. (Jeffrey Kurland, who has costumed most if not all of Allen's movies, does an amazing job in this one -- it's a great example of how a costumer can use clothes to help define characters.) It looks like several layers of silk chiffon in that skirt and an elegant, fitted top with snug sleeves that make her arms look nice & long. Oh, the joy of a twirly, swirly skirt. It's one of life's best things.

I have to admit, since I've been enjoying the New Skinny I've been rather vain about my new shape and have been indulging in pencil skirts pretty exclusively. But this clip reminded me of how much I do love to wear a skirt that's fit for dancing -- how much most women do, really. Fewer things in your wardrobe can make you feel prettier and more feminine than a nice big twirly skirt.

So, forthwith find an assortment of things to wear when you're feeling all girlie and twirly and swirly. As usual, click photos or hypertext for links.



(It's not just a dress -- it's a frock. Which is scads better, as we all know.)

Great twirly linen for summer.


This might be more floaty than twirly, but let's go with it.

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Taffeta Strapless Dress

Crystal pleats are excellent for twirling.


On this right girl, this would be quite a wedding dress, don't you think?icon She'd need to wear her hair loose and carry a bouquet of wildflowers. Lovely.

For those who like their twirly on the subtle side -- classic and gorgeous.

More affordable version of the "frock" above with -- dare I say it -- an even better skirt. It's already twirling for you in the picture!


Because even goddesses like to dance sometimes.

Just Cavalli Gathered Jersey Dress

For the small-busted gal who wants a twirl.


On sale at a great price!!


Iridescent chiffon!!! Oh, I get a little trembly just thinking about it!

This weekend I got together for wine & gossip with the delicious Plumcake, and, inspired by the research I'd done for this post, I wore my great big cream tulle Michael Kors skirt -- it's a borderline tutu, really, and beyond lovely - two layers of vanilla-colored tulle over a layer of cream silk organza. It's so light and floaty, it moves if you even think about a breeze. As I walked down the street, the wind blew, my skirt twirled and lifted (but I was wearing a slip, so I was not afraid!), and my lips curved in the sort of smile that only a woman who loves what she is wearing smiles. It was a smile just for me and my skirt.

If you haven't already, go put on something that makes you smile. It doesn't have to be a big skirt or a dance dress, anything will do as long as it makes you happy. Whatever it is, put it on, go look at yourself in the mirror, and give a little twirl.

Oh, you look wonderful...

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deb-ct said...

lovely post--thank you

Deja Pseu said...

I love twirly skirts! BTW, the link for the "subtle" black dress (the model with the beret and scarf) just takes you to the Macy's main page.