Friday, May 23, 2008

Unforeseen Peril

Okay, maybe not peril, more like unforeseen annoyance, but that's not nearly as interesting a title, is it?

I went out for drinks Wednesday night and I was wearing these shoes:

(Yes. They are good. And I do appreciate them, believe me. I waited a long time for these shoes.)

Nothing wrong at all with these babies, except I was wearing them with some wide-legged trousers that I had hemmed myself, and I spent all evening reaching down and unhooking the thread in the hem stitching from where it'd gotten itself wrapped around the sequins on the backs of the shoes. It is a testament to Mr. Armani's high-quality manufacture that none of the sequins popped off, because I stood up more than once without checking them and while I may have to re-sew some of the stitching on the trousers, the shoes are perfect. Note to self: These shoes with skirts only. Note to everyone else: remember, tricked-out shoes can be just that -- tricky.

On the other hand...

Ecstacy Heel - Bronze

Shellys London Women's Luna Flat

(These also come in blue, like mine!)

Cyprus Flat - Black



Oh Deer! Jamocha (Women's) - Gold Sequin

Women's shoes: Liz Claiborne Brandey - Silver sequin

Celine Pump - Red

Ruby slippers!! LOVE!!!


Rebels Women's Albee Flat

Oh Deer! Oz (Women's) - Silver Sequin

Dolce Wedge - Red

(Okay, these are bordeline stripper shoes, but I couldn't resist.)


Bling It On - Silver Flat

Anne Klein New York Women's Elana Flat

justsweet Women's Nichola Open Toe Pump

Yellow Box Dayze Sequined Flat


Martinez Valero Women's Calin Slide

Photobucket totally worth it.

I would also like to point out that most of the shoes on this page are on sale. (Not, unfortunately, the Loubies or the Manolos -- calm down & wipe the drool off your chins.) So go -- getcha some twinkly toes. You won't be sorry, I promise.

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Sian said...

I paged and paged down that thinking "Where the Louboutin paillette shoes?" "She must have included the Louboutin paillette shoes!" Then I found them. I should have had faith.

Stephanie said...

Ruby slippers! Yes, dear husband, I do need another pair of red shoes.

Deja Pseu said...

Shiny! Shiny thing! Magpie Deja must take shiny thing back to nest!

Princess Poochie said...

I'm a big fan of the sequin heel. I got all three of these -

The it's hard to decide which are my favorites but the red ones are especially ruby slipper-ish.

The sequins on these are smaller so I think they would be less likely to snag on pants


StyleSpy said...

Sian -- yes, they're the HGs. Someday...

Stephnie -- if DH needs convincing, send him to me.

Deja -- Mmmmmmmm, shiny! Your nest appeals to me.

Poochie -- I knew this post would appeal to you! - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

the first and last shoes are simply delicious
no man could resist i bet !

ad a foot and... miam ! lol

to thank you for my link, feel free to use any of my photos for your blog.
you can even download my slide i update every week.

i added your link in the english section

ps : could you just ad "PARIS" to my link please. Thank you so much.

I wish you a sweet evening and lot of happiness

street style romancer in Paris

Fashion Addict said...

really cute shoes! BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog and feel free to come by again when you have the time!

savvy gal said...

Has anyone seen the ones by Louis Vuitton. They are adorable as well but the price not so much....

HEATHER said...

Dear Lady-If you didn't get "lucky" wearing those shoes there is no hope for humanity!!
They are seriously sexy!
I must get myself a pair!

Anonymous said...

ahh theres no place like home