Friday, May 16, 2008

Wherein Style Spy Seeks Your Permission... break her No Buy.

Now, before you get all huffy with me, let me inform you that it's not for some fabulous pair of swoony shoes, like these


although they're certainly making my heart beat faster. I've decided that I need more purple in my closet. Every time I wear it, people compliment me like crazy. I don't have much purple, it's just never been a color that grabbed me, but apparently it's faboo on me, so... (Of course, wearing purple on my feet would not so much serve the purpose, but let's not quibble over details.)

No, I'm not looking at shoes. I need a bra. Despite my recent bra binge, I find that I'm in need of a particular bra. I need a smooth, nude-colored bra that is not terribly padded but just padded enough (to prevent embarrassment) to wear under snug-fitting things that are light-colored.

I have two Wacoal bras that I really love:


(Racer-back -- LOVE!)


(So pretty. I have this one in red, too. Va-va-voom!)

but these are both heavily padded. I don't mind that when I'm wearing button front blouse or a looser top, but they feel a little... Pamela Anderson when I'm wearing a top that's more form-fitting, like one of my nice, sleek Vera Wang t-shirts. The problem is not so much finding the style of bra, it's the color. Wacoal's nude is perfect on me, it completely disappears underneath a white shirt. Many nudes are not very nude. Well, at least on me -- I'm extremely fair-skinned and I find that most nude bras are actually too dark to match me.

So what do you think? Are underduds an acceptable exception to the No Buy? These won't even be fancy, special-occasion underduds, remember, but something very everyday and serviceable. Can I sacrifice one Parisian lunch for this?

Guide me, oh, wise ones. Let me know what you think. I swear, I will feel less guilty about spending the money if you tell me it's okay.

Update: Hey! I figured out how to put one of them nifty poll thingamajiggies on the blog! It's over on the right side just under my profile, so just click to tell me what you think!

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Anonymous said...

I'd say definitely make the exception! Can't go to Paris with Visible Bra Syndrome!?! My mother always insisted upon "proper foundation garments" for herself and her daughters, explaining that the correct underwear made every outfit look nicer. She's right. I'm also very fair and have a hard time matching 'nudes'. I'm almost gray--eek. One of the Victoria's Secret colors is actually pretty close. I buy the Ipex full coverage bra in...whatever that color is.

Laura V said...

I don't have an opinion on the No Buy, but as a fellow really pale person, I've found that light pink bras disappear better under clothes than "nude" ones.

Anonymous said...

If we can't see it, we won't know, right? And you wouldn't enjoy lunch at the bistro as much if you thought people were seeing your undies through your shirt...

Yes, if you find a perfect "something", buy it. Now I'm going to go off and find a perfect "something" to buy also....with your permission, of course!

Sian said...

Hmmm. I think you could break the no-buy if you really needed a new bra, but I'm not sure those are going to look Pamela Anderson under a snug shirt. Why should they? They seem like good T-shirt bras to me! However, if you're really uncomfortable, I authorise a new bra purchase.

Miriam said...

Bras are bras. You will still need it after the No Buy is lifted.

I feel that a No Buy shouldn't apply to things you don't actually want to spend money on. I believe that bras are in that category alongside tampons and deoderant.

Robo said...

May I recommend the Fantasie balconette bra? Good support, medium coverage, smooth cup with slight padding all over, and enables tops to sit really nicely. I practically live in this bra. And No Buy doesn't apply to necessities, and a good, nude bra is definitely a necessity.

materfamilias said...

I'm going to have to come back when I have a bit more reading time (currently making lists, packing, etc., to leave for PARIS!!! on Wednesday!!!) and find out how/why/when you made such a drastic commitment to not buying. Meanwhile, though, bras are obviously an exception, file under "sundries," especially such a practical bra. You have my approval, at least.

Anonymous said...

IVORY works for my pale skin . I wear a thin bra or see thru materal like mesh (NO padding here!!) so in your case a two tone lace might match your skin very well. nude is too dark ,Laura v is correct pink and peach also do not show under a white shirt for me. Yet I bought a set of 5 bra's sport type in lime green , fushia, orange, turquoise&purple which I have been putting under white things when going were I am know by friends ,it is fun. And of course I am matching them with my shoes (yes I am feeling crazy) And Bra's go on the food budget LOL K

LeeLee said...

The three-quarter bra from Chantelle's Light collection is great. It's actually not padded at all, but reveals nothing under tight or sheer clothing. I have it in a sandy nude color but it comes in a lighter color, I believe. I got mine at Petticoat Fair in Austin.

Duchesse said...

Take a look at SassyNips (available on the Bare Necessities site). I use them-that way you can wear your favorite bras.