Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Not What You Say...

Style Spy was out running some errands this Sunday when I walked past an Alfred Angelo bridal boutique and saw this t-shirt in the window.


Um, what????

Needless to say, this brought me up cold. I was a little distance from the window and there was glare from the sunlight, so the tiny pink ribbon on the shirt wasn't immediately visible to me. For a moment, I just thought I was looking at the biggest non-sequitur in marketing history -- a window full of enormous cake-like wedding dresses and one hot pink t-shirt inviting... well, the sorts of things one doesn't usually see at a wedding. And then -- just for an instant -- I had a flashback and the horrified thought: "Good lord!! Does everyone know???" It was too strange a coincidence.

A moment later, after I remembered that the world does not, in fact, revolve around me, I put it together: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this t-shirt obviously is an effort to encourage breast self-examination for women. Which is very important.

(Very. Very. Important.

Not a little. A LOT.

And you should all be doing it regularly. Every. Single. Month. No excuses.)

And while I do understand that A) these are health issues that are important to everyone, not just women, and we should never, ever be afraid or ashamed to talk about them frankly and B) shock value can go a long way toward getting an important point across, I just... can't get behind a t-shirt that says "Feel Your Boobies." It's just a bit much.

On the other hand, I certainly would never want to discourage anyone from contributing to such a worthy cause in any way (And that being said, if you click on the photo of the t-shirt above it will take you to the site where you can purchase it. All I ask is that you are judicious about when & where you sport the silly thing. Your Sunday morning yoga class? Absolutely! At a sports bar where you went to eat wings and watch Monday night football? Not so much.), so I decided I'd bring you some other, more wearable options. All of the following items will benefit some breast cancer charity if you purchase them. Click on the photos for links.


I adore pea coats. What could be cuter than a pink one? Seriously, this is wonderful. Black Rivet pea coat, $74.99. Unspecified amount donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.


Nice cozy pullover, $35.99, unspecified amount to Breast Cancer Awareness.



Wacoal Awareness bra, $1 of every purchase donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Look! There's even shoes!!
Scoop Women's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Quilted Ballet Flat

And super-cute, useful ones, at that! Scoop navy flannel and black patent ballet flats: on sale for $96.22. One-half of the proceeds will go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. is donating 15% of any pink dress (any!) to the Komen Foundation

Click here to donate to The Cure while you shop!

This one's my favorite:

Pink Draped Shift Dresses by Tracy Reese

So elegant.

Pink Double-V Jersey Dresses by eDressMe new york

This one's also great, in a universally flattering style made of a lovely, forgiving knit.

Exclusive to, this and several other celebrity-designed t-shirts. This one is from Nicky Hilton, believe it or not, and I happen to really love the design.

Bop Basics Nicky Hilton Breast Cancer Awareness Tee

50% of proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Network.

Hanky Panky Breast Cancer Signature Lace Original Thong

Probably the one & only time I will ever recommend you buy a thong. From Hanky Panky, $2 per purchase go to the Komen Foundation.

Signorelli Cure T Shirt in Grey

Great-looking t-shirt with flattering scoop neckline and actual sleeves!! A t-shirt for a grown-up! Unspecified amount from each purchase goes to the Komen Foundation.

Tolani Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf-PRE ORDER

Scarves are The Thing this fall. Everyone but everyone has some fringe-y thing wrapped around her neck (even here in Austin, where it's still in the 80's most days). So, if you're going to be a Trendista (or you just happen to like scarves, which is also fine), you could do worse than one that provides a donation to the Komen Foundation.

Even something for the mens!

Very good-looking tie, with discreet pink ribbon. Also available in other colors, including full-on pinkety pink pink. One dollar from each item purchased September 15, 2008 through November 15, 2008 with a minimum guaranteed donation of $100,000 to the Komen Foundation.

My favorite:


Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, complete with questionably tasteful self-portrait (although who am I kidding -- that's why I love it) on the back. Over $35 of the purchase price goes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund.

So, go! Shop!! (After you've done a self-exam, or scheduled a mammogram if you're due for one.)

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1 comment:

Tellicherry said...

Is it wrong of me to say that I am getting very tired of the commercialization of breast cancer? Now don't get me wrong - it's a worthy cause - but women are more likely to die of heart disease (350,000 a year) or lung cancer (70,000) than breast cancer (40,000), but these diseases don't come with cute pink merchandise.

All the pink stuff seems to have an undercurrent of magical thinking and exploitative marketing - if you buy something pink, you are safe. You've done your part.

Or am I the only one who thinks pink Kitchenaids and pink cleaning products means we've lost the meaning of the original movement?