Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just wanted to let you know really quick:

SHOPBOP ONE DAY SALE! Save 20% on all Full Priced Merchandise with code TREATS2008! Code expires at 11:59pm PST on October 21st 2008.

Shopbop has great stuff, including these jeans, which I highly recommend:

J Brand 14

I have these jeans, I love these jeans, I will buy more of these jeans. I don't know what this company has done with their denim, but it doesn't get baggy. I has some stretch, yes, but you can wear the things all dingdong night without them getting Rhino Butt. You can wear them to dinner and sit in them for two hours and eat tremendous amounts of Mexican food and then when you stand up to go to a salsa class, they still fit the way they did when you put them on. And then you can wear them out again the next night and sit for a couple of hours drinking wine & eating a grilled vegetable panini and STILL no Rhino Butt. They are brilliant. My pair is in a wash called Ink, which is the perfect dark blue, slightly dressy denim. I love these jeans like a boyfriend.

Now, these are some skinny jeans, I know. And honestly, when I buy them again I think I'm going to go for the mid-rise version, because I am a long-waisted girl and the low-rise hits me slightly below my hip bones, thereby causing me to have to hitch them up every now & again, which I don't like doing. Not elegant.

At any rate, if you're looking for a more traditional fit in a jean, how about these?

J Brand 9

Higher rise, wider leg. A little more forgiving. And speaking of forgiving, if you go to J Brand's website you will discover their Blue Label line of jeans, which are specially designed for the curvier figure. Now, you have to love that. There are some more trouser-y styles, and higher-waisted stuff, also, some of which is available on shopbop.com. Finally, the other thing I love about this label is that they don't do labels. No bells & whistles. There's no fancy stitching on the pockets or big embroidered logos anywhere on the jeans -- perfectly plain & unadorned, which I love.


See? Nothing to distract from your lovely butt.

Now. I know these are expensive jeans. (Although, apparently, these are far from the most expensive jeans out there in the world, which is just kah-razy.) I do feel bad about that. Yes, folks, I have gone over to the Denim Dark Side. I was turned by Broc, my Denimhead Guru Expert Sweetie-Pie here in Austin at Barney's Co-op, who has already forgotten more about denim than I will ever know. I went in & spent some time one afternoon sliding in & out of jeans that Broc picked out for me and it was a conversion experience. I feel really bad about that. I was the sort of person who swore she'd never spend That Kind of Money on jeans. And in my defense, I did buy them on sale. But you know what? The next pair, I might just buy full-price. Because while these jeans did not Change My Life, they did change the way I feel about wearing jeans.

And no Rhino Butt!!!

So, go! Shop!!!

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Sian said...

Oh, Style Spy. After everything you said. "Jeans are not for dressing up. They are casual clothes and you should never spend a lot of money on them....." Sound familiar? :-)

r sorrell said...

It IS really hard to find jeans without a bunch of "flare," isn't it?! I think that's part of the reason I don't buy them very often.
I don't mind investing in good jeans. I generally only have one or two pairs at a time that I'll actually wear. I'm getting my money's worth as far as cost-per-wear goes.

TMH256 said...

You have been
tagged witty one!

Anonymous said...

I adore JBrand jeans! I have had the Pencil style in "ink" for over a year and everything you said is true. Granted, I wash mine inside out in cold water, but they are just now starting to get a wee bit lighter at the knees. LOVE LOVE LOVE them and worth every penny!

deb-ct said...

I saved $90 on my particular purchase--thanks so much for the 'heads up'!

Sian said...

Oooo! I've just forgiven you for recommending J Brand! Apparently they do an organic cotton range and I'm trying to get all my Ts and jeans in organic cotton now. That means I can actually buy them!

Edith said...

Shopbop has a nice collection of beautiful jeans.