Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopportunity -- October 15

Great sale going on at!

All of the following items were culled from the 70% off section -- and there's lots more where this came from. (Click on photos or hypertext for links.)

Ooh, ooh!!!

VPL Cashmere Poncho

This is cashmere, and they call it a poncho, but it's closed at the bottom, so it's really more of a loose pullover. I LOVE this, it's a great piece to toss on instead of a jacket or cardigan for fall. I think it would look better over a garment with more of a sleeve. And it's a bargain -- under $105.

Super-cute Jacket from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Jacket

Oftentimes the stuff from this diffusion line gets a bit twee for my taste, but this jacket is great, and a great price: under 90 bucks.

Dolce Vita Metallic Ginger T Strap Sandal

::thud:: You need this shoe. I need this shoe. They come in silver or gold and they are fabulous. Look how walkable that heel is! This will be awfully handy once the holidays roll around, because you could wear them to a "festive" happy hour with jeans & a velvet jacket, or you could wear them to a cocktail party with a beautiful dress. And -- no kidding -- they are less than 50 bucks!!!!


I am completely in love with this ring. I love big statement-y jewelry, as we all know, and this one is statement-y yet delicate at the same time, which is not an easy trick. Also cool -- it's eco-friendly because it's made of reclaimed metal. Best of all, the ring will set you back less than $40. Man, this is making my clicking finger twitch.

So, go! Shop!!

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