Thursday, April 9, 2009

Longer But Still Sweet

Many thanks to alert reader Alexis W for her advice to hit Etsy in search of a version of the KJL necklace that wouldn't set me back 300 samoleons.

I have to admit not yet having really explored the Etsy thing. I have maintained a foolish prejudice against "handmade jewelry," associating it with those itsy, sparkly, cheap beaded whatsits you see by the truckload at every crafts show you've ever been to. I am happy to admit I'm wrong about that -- not that there isn't plenty of what is basically meaningless jewelry made from cheap bits of plastic on there, but there is also a LOT of really amazing stuff. Ferinstance:

How much fun is that? (Click on photos of all this great stuff to be taken to their internet homes, where you can buy them out from under me.)

This? Is amaaaaaazing. It's not exactly what I'm looking for, I really want something with a lot of color, not so much sparkle, but still. Amaaaazing.

Most of this artist's really fab stuff seems to be "reserved," which I think is a cruel tease! From what I gather, she's making them for specific clients, but it seeing them makes me want all of them!

LOVE the colors here. This is fabulous and getting close to what I'm after.

This has more of a "Victorian romantic" feel than I'm looking for, but it's just so pretty!

This one has the more modern feeling that appeals to me, but I want more than one color. Plus, silver. Not so much with the silver.

Again, a much more vintage-y than what I'm hunting, but the ribbon roses are so sweet!

This is coming very close to hitting the mark perfectly, although I'm still holding out for something that's just a full spectrum of colors, rather than arranged in a color theme. Pretty fantastic, though.

Very pretty, although, again, a more Victorian than I want.

This really isn't at all what I'm looking for, but it made my jaw drop open & I felt compelled to show it to you.

Cloisonné & crystal. Really, really spectacular. Seriously, someone should buy this.


It just occurred to me that this might be what my black McQueen needs. (That way I wouldn't have to borrow Daphne's. Because I never can get hold of her, doncha know.) Oh, dear...

A lot of this work isn't cheap (although not as expensive as the KJL), but I don't mind that. It takes a lot of time & effort to source & create stuff like this, and let's face it, the KJL pieces are probably made in some factory somewhere by people who aren't paid nearly enough. (I don't know this for a fact, and my googling has not given me the answer, but anyone who produces in that kind of volume is probably doing it overseas.) And truthfully, now that I've seen these, I'm perfectly content NOT to have the KJL -- I don't like it nearly so well as some of the others on this page. So while I haven't snapped up one of these fantastic pieces yet, it's likely I will at some point in the future. And I haven't even looked at the rings & cuffs these folks are making -- oh, that's going to cause me to spend a bunch of time hunched over my little square screen. I have a sneaking suspicion that the world of Etsy has just claimed another victim.

So, thanks, Alexis!

I think...

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Deja Pseu said...

I really admire the quality of work in those pieces. I like the second one best. I'm going to have to pay more attention to Etsy in the future.

JTri's said...

I think that if you sent her the photo of the necklace you like, she could use it as a template for making you one th tis silimar, yet different. Her creations are really great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm so glad you found some stuff you liked! Thanks to your original post, I got the itch for a colorful necklace as well, and just bought this.

Not as statement-y as the KJL piece, but I'm a subtle gal.

Searching Etsy is an obscure art, for sure. I find the best stuff when I search for random "inspiration" terms like "chrysanthemum necklace" and throw on another, more descriptive term like "silver" or "toggle".

If you want a giggle, go search for "boston terrier print"!

StyleSpy said...

Deja -- yes, just what we both needed - another place to spend money! Hooray!

JTri's-- Ooh, custom-made. That SO appeals to me.

Alexis -- love that color combination. Very sweet necklace.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Just wanted to say that after reading through several posts, I have to say this is an awesome blog. You're very witty and your sense of style is dead on! Keep up the great work. I'm going to add you to my blog roll.