Monday, April 19, 2010

Wherein Style Spy Has Recourse to Merriam-Webster

Ya know, my English is pretty good. So I don't care what the nice people at Shopbop try to tell me -- these are some really, really cute tops. Every one of them would be adorable over some capris, or nice bermudas, or some skinny jeans.

LNA Double Pocket Tank Dress

BARLOW Cutout Back Mini Dress

Acne Fever Dress

ISSA Print Kimono Dress

McQ - Alexander McQueen Cowl Detail Printed Dress

Alice + Olivia Mallory Pintuck Shirtdress

But they are most decidedly not "dresses." Good googly-moogly...

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Claudia said...

Really? They pulled out the D word for THESE? I don't think they even qualify as tunics. What is the world coming to?

(You're right though - as tops, they're really nice!)

lucy said...

You know, I'm under five feet, maybe it's a dress on me.

Deja Pseu said...

No kidding!

Mardel said...

Really? Dresses? They have lots of cute short dresses but these really don't seem to qualify. Cute as tops though.

teteatete said...

Great googly-moogly! Especially that first one! Seems like that's one inhaled breath away from blurred out. Wow.

Fritinancy said...

Ay, caramba! That's a whole lot of chocha-tastrophe about to happen.

dissed said...

I'm five feet tall, and these would be someplace between tunics and dresses on me. However, I'm also a child of the seventies . . . we were fairly scandalous, and we wouldn't have gotten away with this length for a New York minute. For your average height, those are NOT dresses. No way, no how. No, no, nuh-uh.