Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fluffy Inspiration

April 15 is my next-favorite day of the year.

(This picture was taken a long time ago -- she wasn't full-grown here, believe it or not.)

It's my babycat's birthday. Well, it's my babycat's birthday observed. Since Shine was a rescue, no one knows her exact birthday, so our veterinarian and I made an educated guess. (And if you're wondering -- my favorite day of the year is May 24, which is the anniversary of the day Shine found me. Or I found her. However you want to look at it.)

Shine is always elegant, due to her color scheme. Black & white, as Coco Chanel could have told you, is always stylish, and her lovely pink nose and toes add just a hint of feminine color and keep things from being too severe. I've always thought Shine would do very well in France, given that she's naturally chic.

Okay, yes. I'm being extremely silly here. But I will say, I found myself wearing a lot of black & white & pink for the first six or eight months after she came to live with me. She was very influential. Herewith, some other yummy delights that would go nicely with my Shine. Click for links.

A hat too wonderful for words.

Badgley Mischka Women's Carlo Pump

They also come in white.

Betseyville Women's Adan Open Toe Pump

Givenchy Women's 584992 Open Toe Sandal

No pink, but appropriately fluffy.


Yes, please. Gorgeous Lanvin. Damn you, Alber!

Very wonderful Vera Wang bracelet.

Black pencil skirt, crisp white button front blouse, these shoes. Don't forget to wiggle a little when you walk.

All right. I thank you for your forbearance. Any of you who have a beloved animal companion understand how I feel, and those of you who don't -- well, I hope you liked looking at the pretty things.

Here's one more:

Happy Birthday, my angel.

Photos: David Gugenheim, Style Spy

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Plumcake said...

many happy returns Shine! You really are the loveliest kitten of them all.

Claudia said...

I love your cat. May you share many more happy, stylish years together :)

dana said...

Happy birthday, baby! She's absolutely gorgeous. And she has a beauty mark on her chin to die for!!!

Stephanie said...

Shine is pretty with her pink nose. I adore my two cats so I know how you feel. They are so sweet.

Duchesse said...

Happy birthday, you adorable cat.

StyleSpy said...

You are all very sweet to offer birthday wishes to my beloved feline, and to tolerate my silliness, as well. Beaucoup de mercis.