Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Want Monster's Chloé and Pear Vodka Hangover

So the Chloé sandals I'm in love with are too much money. Way. Too. Much. Money. And I can't have them. But I have in my head now that I really, really, really need something like that (Brainwashed by a pair of sandals!), so I went trolling the Series of Tubes to see what I could come up with. (Click the photos for links if any of these waken your Want Monster.)

Donald J Pliner - Ginny (Mushroom Antique Metallic) - Footwear

These aren't bad, but I don't love the rope on the wedge -- I'm not looking for an espadrille.

593827 Hemp Patent

Good sandal, but I'm kind of hooked on the wedge idea. And at almost $400, not really a bargain compared to the ones I'm looking to substitute for.

Bette Natural Leather

I had something JUST like this in junior high. Didn't you?

Women's shoes: Nine West Leonato - Tobacco

I really, really like this shoe, but the color isn't right. If that came in a nude or a beige, I'd be on it like a duck on a junebug, as they say in these parts. Plus, it's Nine West, which means it's extremely reasonably priced. I may yet be talked into this later in the spring -- I am aaaaaall about that buckle, I just love it.

Hollywould Women's Sand Pauline Sandal

Ah-HAH! These are from Hollywould, and they are very, very close, aren't they? The ankle strap could be thicker, but this nude would probably be even better on me than the Chloé one, since it's a little lighter. I've never had any shoes from Hollywould, but these are on sale (75% off the Chloés!) and I really like 'em. I'm not completely convinced they're not going to be a little tarty once they're on, but they're worth a try. Since customarily nothing else about me even remotely resembles a pole dancer (including but not limited to my extreme lack of pole dancer... er, equipment -- and I'm not just talking about the pole, my friends), I might be able to get away with them.

Pura Lopez Women's M204 Ankle Wrap Wedge

This is pretty good, but I still prefer the patent, and again, I wish the strap at the ankle were chunkier.

Ooooh, I really like these. It isn't a wedge, but that is a really nifty shoe. And it's on sale!

So, I ordered the Hollywould platforms. There is some niggling doubt in my mind that they're a little on the stripper side of the platform fence, but since they were sold out
except in my size, I figured the Shoeniverse was telling me something. If I find I don't love them I'm going to send them back and try that last pair, with the cut-outs.

In a perfect world, I would spot shoe, love shoe, buy shoe. No worrying or budgeting or second thoughts. Although maybe that wouldn't be perfect. I'm not sure I'd be a better person if I were able to fulfill all my shoe whims the moment I had them. It might make me less appreciative of the many, many times the Shoeniverse has blessed me with its bounty, and I would be sad to no longer be aware of the glory of the Shoeniverse and all its hidden wisdom.

There now. I have shopped and philosophized my way out of a Want Monster funk. LIfe is good again.

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Claudia said...

...and when they arrive, we want a photo of you. With the shoes. Preferably standing next to a pole :)

sarahn said...

Love the Calvin Klein's, but they're only available in black, and CK runs very narrow on me. How about these:

No buckle, but I'm digging them.

dana said...

There is something about a wedge, n'est ce pas? I don't know what it is. I am still all about a wedge boot. Maybe I can find one on clearance.

Belle de Ville said...

Yep, we all had that shoe in junior or senior high school.
I'm voting for the Hollywould is sexy and sweet.