Friday, April 17, 2009

Wherein Style Spy Identifies Yet Another Trend She Will Ignore

I saw this on's website and it nearly made me snort coffee out of my nose.

Typically, the smoldering is a hint to turn down the heat on one's flatiron. I'm just sayin'...

However, the makeup is really pretty and -- according to makeup artist Pat McGrath -- was all done with products available at your local drugstore or supermarket. Which is an interesting choice, given that Bottega is one of the single most expensive labels out there. Just goes to show -- the artist is more important than the tools.

More cutting-edge makeup:

Yes. A two-tone lip. The top is orange and the bottom fuchsia. A few months ago when the whole "Slumdog Millionaire" thing was cresting, I told a friend to get ready for a lot of bright color in fashion -- I particularly predicted that the bright orange/hot pink combo would be big. I did not expect it to show up on someone's mouth.

This look comes from the Fall 09 Ungaro show. Because apparently this

was not enough color to satisfy Ungaro designer Esteban Cortazar. Golly. Makes you wonder what the inside of his home looks like, huh?

Actually, this collection was kind of great, I recommend giving it a look. It's classic Ungaro, definitely, but as we know, I love color, and I appreciate the exuberance. It is really, really tough to modernize a look as closely associated with wretched 80's excess as Emanuel Ungaro, but Cortazar is on the right track. There are the requisite poofy skirts and riotous color/pattern mixes, but it's not all over the top, there are some good modern pieces that would brighten up a gal's closet, and I would KILL to get my hands on this jacket/vest/whatever it is:

Fairly sure this isn't going to become one of my go-to labels, but definitely worth keeping an eye on. I'm drawing the line at the two-tone lips, though. One lippie at a time is plenty for me.


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Anonymous said...

Those shoes are marvelous, aren't they? And a couple of the looks (#36, 38, 43) are stunners. Too bad my body shape doesn't lend itself to Ungaro's silhouette...

Poochie said...

I've been seeing this combo coming since the Hermes Orange Indian Pink campaign... it's a great combo -

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Yeah, I have to say that I will ignore these trends too...I'm not very adventurous when it comes to makeup. Not a big Ungaro fan but that vest contraption does look interesting.

StyleSpy said...

Carol -- I'm not sure I know anyone IRL whose body shape lends itself to that. But I do enjoy the colors a bunch.

Poochie -- Yeah, there were a couple of carrés in that colorway I really drooled after.

Thumbie -- I need my NY-er friends to keep an eye out for that thing & tell me what's going on with it up close. I'm very intrigued.