Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Vintage Swoon...

Holy cow. Look at this gorgeous vintage Harvey Berin num-bah:

It was posted on Decades, Inc and got snapped up within 20 minutes. Not a surprise. Wow, that's fantastic. I can't help but think I'd look awfully nice in that...

I'm always surprised by how many people won't consider vintage. Granted, it's not all this spectacular, but I know people who would never in a million years even think about it. I swear, I've had some friends under whose noses I think I could wave original Chanel or Saint Laurent tailored by the masters themselves and they would still turn up said noses and refuse. Much of the very best stuff in my wardrobe is vintage, some of my most beloved pieces -- I really don't think I could assemble a "complete" wardrobe without it. (I'm still smarting over the gorgeous double-breasted pinstriped vintage YSL blazer on eBay that I didn't win last weekend. I was outbid by one dollar. ONE!!! Oh, it still hurts, I can't talk about it...)

Don't get me wrong, I like a nice shiny Saks shopping bag as much as the next gal (quite possibly even more). But this little darling?

Cost less than ten bucks and came in a nice plain wrinkled brown paper bag. And I love it just the same.

Photos: Decades, Inc, Style Spy

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Stephanie said...

I adore vintage accessories and that clutch is fantastic!

Susan B said...

Fabulous clutch! I love vintage, always have, but these days it takes more time than I have to really shop the vintage stores or ebay. Two favorite pieces of clothing I've ever owned were vintage: a grey wool milirary-ish jacket from the 1930's and a grey wool cloche, probably from the 20's. Both were worn to pieces.

Vintage Chanel jackets are quite sought after around here, and you don't see them for under four figures unless they're obviously stained.

Glove Slap said...

I bought my first Prada dress for $6 in a thrift shop. Changed my life forever.

Steph M said...

What a cute clutch! I don't understand it either, especially since so many new clothes are more cheaply made, and frankly, just not as interesting. Almost all of my work skirts are from Value just can't get a wool pencil skirt with a fabulous pleaty thingy in the front for $8 otherwise!

However, I have yet to find anything with a big name on it...oh, well! Perhaps someday!

StyleSpy said...

Madame -- Merci!

Deja -- a good vintge Chanel jacket would be worth its weight in gold. Absolutement.Glove Slap -- That's the kind of thing I love to hear. What was the dress like?

Steph -- there's vintage and then there's vintage, of course. But the no name stuff is every bit as good. I have a random dress from the 60's that has fooled more than a few people into thinking it was a Balenciaga.