Monday, June 18, 2007

This Next

The Want Monster growls. Come fall, these are on The List:

Oh, yeah, as soon as I'm allowed to shop again (not until after my next birthday), I'm going after these bad boys. Provided I can find them, of course. The above showed up in Vogue a month or so ago and made my little heart go pitter-pat, but I haven't seen them anywhere yet. I spoke with an SA at the Madison Avenue Miu Miu boutique, but they don't have them and aren't getting them, so I'm going to have to call "corporate" to find out where they're hiding these little sweeties. (Seriously, if anyone stumbles across them, please let me know.) They have them in black at Saks:

but the black ones don't excite me, of course, the way the red patent ones do. (The way to Style Spy's heart is red patent just about anything, as we all know.) I want the red ones to wear under pants, and to wear with skirts and tights. Oooooooh, how cute would my leopard print dress be with black tights and a little black jacket and those boots? Pretty darned, is how cute. I'm also pretty excited about them because they look a very similar shoe to my Miu Miu mary janes, which are so incredibly comfy.

And here I must stop to make a confession. I bought another pair of the Miu Mius. (You may have noticed them in the leopard dress post.) I didn't break my No Buy, these were the shoes that
inspired the No Buy, because I got them and the red Manolos on the same weekend. Therefore my credit cards went into cardiac arrest and I am banned from shopping for... a while. This means that I have them in blue:

and black: Yes. I am a thoroughly ridiculous creature. In my defense, may I just say that A) the black ones were very on sale and B) I find myself wearing these shoes all the time. They are seriously some of the most comfortable shoes I own. That nice roomy toe box with the beautiful almond-shaped toe has at least half an inch of padding in it, and they are fantastic to walk in. Light as a feather. It looks to me like those cutie-patootie booties may be made in a similar way, based on the shape of them, which would make me love them even more. I've tried on a lot of Miu Miu shoes and I really love the way they fit my feet. Louboutins are made on too narrow a last to suit me, but Mius Mius (and Pradas) really work. Miuccia and I are sole mates, methinks. (Me also thinks Miuccia has the not-so-tiny feets.)

At any rate, those are my fall shoe plans. I don't really have any other ones, especially since my calendar has a tentative trip to Paris on it, but looking forward to those will get me through a summer of shoe drought.
What's on your radar? Any must-haves? What's the Want Monster torturing you with?

Photos: Vogue,, Style Spy,

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dissed said...

Thanks for the lemming. I WANT those boots. In black, please.

Anonymous said...

LOL I SAW those BLACK ones on your feet and wondered ....and why you did not do red shoes with leopard. Now she tells , that there are two pair. YOU a creature never! but all the other things ,oh YES & say it again LOL. I may be going on my first no buy as I really do not know how I will wear all the new wear in my closet for autumn ( NOT Fall Please that word and bucks drive me na-na)
To be noted I have a very narrow foot as you know and they(M-M's) fit me just as sweetly in 5 sizes smaller. OH How good does it get. OX K

tmp00 said...

those shoes are hot-

I have the same "problem" with Miu Miu (and Prada)- whatever last she uses feels like she stole into my place in the night and drew them off my feet. One of my last visits to NY I was wandering around for literally 12 hours in a pair or Prada Sneakers and was fine the next day when normally I should have been crippled...

So I think the combo of heavily on sale and comfortable absolves future purchases: just thing of them as the masai warrior sneaks of people with really high arches.

Poochie said...

I got the silver and they are awesome! I think they are out the blue now, but they may still have a rose satin. I'm tempted for a 2nd pair too!